Section: EcoEast


No Body And The Blue Sky

Magda Gvelesiani/ Leah Peirce
DE/GE , 2021, 36 Min

The river as a place that is social, poetic, and also one of resistance. This student film project follows the course of the Bzhuzhi River in Guria and creates a space that combines childhood memories with ecological and cultural issues.

Following the course of the river with static shots, the short documentary tells an intimate tale that records changes and continuities whilst exploring the visual power of the featured images.

Text: Irine Beridze
English: Peter Rickerby

Obenkino: original version with English subtitles.



Ecumenical evening "Church, cinema, short film" - Film: NO BODY AND THE BLUE SKY

Thu 10.11. | 17:00, Oberkirche St. Nikolai

Under the title "Church, Cinema, Short Film", the Oberkirche St. Nicolai will become a place of interdenominational, interreligious and intercultural encounter and also a venue for the 32nd FilmFestival Cottbus. The film NO BODY AND THE BLUE SKY from the EcoEast section will be presented. It follows the course of the river Bzhuzhi in the Georgian region of Gurien and combines childhood memories with current ecological and cultural issues. The river as a social, poetic but also a site of resistance. In the presence of the filmmaker.


Magda Gvelesiani, Leah Peirce
Bela Moritz
Philiph Waltinger
Levan Butkhuzi
Philiph Waltinger
Magda Gvelesiani
Shengelaia Productions LLC

Magda Gvelesiani/ Leah Peirce -

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