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Eka Tsotsoria/ Nino Gogua
GE, 2020, 8 Min

Land and water - mitsa-tskali - in Georgian denote more than just elements. Land-water is also the word for home. What happens when gigantic dam projects upset the natural balance between them and flood habitats? A close-up of Georgia's largest ecological resistance movement.

When in 2019 the residents of Lechkhumi, a small village in western Georgia, began to resist the planned Namakhvani hydropower plant on the Rioni River, it was not foreseeable that within a few months this protest would develop into Georgia's largest ecological resistance movement. With success - in the summer of 2021, the Turkish investor withdrew from the project. "Land and Water" approaches the unique ecosystem of the Rioni Valley through the lens of one of the protest's key figures, Maka Tsuladze. In careful close-ups, Nino Gogua and Eka Tsotsoria explore how Tsuladze seeks to preserve a nature-mystically inspired, sustainable cycle of materials between humans and the environment.

Text: Susanne Strätling
English: Peter Rickerby

Glad-House: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation


Eka Tsotsoria, Nino Gogua

Eka Tsotsoria/ Nino Gogua -

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