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Da li ste videli ovu ženu?

Have You Seen This Woman?

Dušan Zorić/Matija Gluščević
RS/HR , 2022, 79 Min

One woman, three lives: Draginja and a dead body in her apartment. Draginja with a fake child and fake husband. Draginja, who can't remember anything. Three ways for this woman in her mid-fifties to get out of her skin. And thereby fool all of those around her. Between humour and anger, escapism and provocation. A satirical, philosophical reflection on gender roles from Serbia.

A woman disappears; or does she? Draginja loses herself in identity issues. In her role promoting a tour operator, as a guardian angel for younger soul mates in a local club, as a representative for a new make of vacuum cleaner, as a fake mother with a fake husband: staged identities that range from a floral apron and housewife’s bouffant hairdo to enraptured dancing and a yearning for a fight, all as easy as that. A fragmentary diary of female dissatisfaction featuring every imaginable role attribution: Who am I, who are you, what is family, what is society, what are role models? Consistent in its unconventional meta-level perspective, this reflection on gender roles follows in the tradition of the Yugoslav Black Wave, just as down-to-earth as it is intellectual, the only difference being that it’s modern.

Text: Bernd Buder

Engl.: Peter Rickerby

Stadthalle: Original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation.

Weltspiegel Saal 2: Original version with English subtitles

Dušan Zorić, Matija Gluščević
Aleksa Radunović, Marko Kažić, Milica Drinić
Luka Gamulin
Olga Košarić
Iva Ilić, Milena Grošin
Stipe Škokić - DJ Jock
Ksenija Marinković, Isidora Simijonović, Boris Isaković, Alex Elektra, Ivana Vuković, Vlasta
Velisavljević, Goran Bogdan, Jasna Đuričić, Radoje Čupić
Čarna Vučinić
Non-Aligned Films (RS)
Tena Gojić (Dinaridi Film)
Čarna Vučinić / / +381 69 33 41 503
Dušan Zorić/Matija Gluščević

Dušan Zorić/Matija Gluščević - Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević studied film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.Their films have been selected at a great number of international festivals, winning several awards.Dušan's documentary Love (2016) had its world premiere at Visions du Réel. His short Foreign Body(2018) had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival (Orizzonti). Matija's documentary Utopia(2016) was screened at Pula Film Festival and Belgrade Documentary and Short FF. His short fictionfilm Loop (2017) premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. Have You Seen This Woman? is their featuredebut.

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