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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antonio Lukich
UA, 2022, 101 Min

Twins Kolya and Vasya are the children of a Ukrainian-Yugoslav mixed marriage. As kids, they adored their father, that is until he suddenly left the family. Vasya is a police officer and hopes for a career as a detective, Kolya makes ends meet as a bus driver and occasional dealer and impresses his fellow man with his low-slung sports car. That is until they both get the news that their father is dying in hospital in Luxembourg in this fast-paced comedy about family ties and family strife. Europe on the road, taking in situation comedy and melancholy, Lubny and Luxembourg.

Kolya and Vasya's father, originally from Yugoslavia, built up a small-time criminal empire in Lubny. He is strong, respected and time and again rescues his children from precarious situations. At some point he simply disappeared, life went on. In the meantime, Vasya has become a policeman. He never gets promoted however since Kolya keeps getting into trouble with the law. When he learns from the Ukrainian consulate in Luxembourg that his father is in hospital there, he wants to see him at all costs, preferably with Vasya. Employing no small amount of situation comedy, Antonio Lukich describes a society in which, with the help of dubious deals, it is the nouveau riche that call the shots. Law and morality are secondary here; instead, what matters are status symbols such as expensive cars or vacations in Bali. The main focus of this autobiographically inspired film however, which took no small amount of effort to complete in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is family loyalties. The changing times are also reflected in the alternating football shirts, changing as they do from the red of Eric Cantona to that of Fernando Torres.

Text: Kira Taszman

English: Peter Rickerby

Weltspiegel: Original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation.

Weltspiegel Saal 2: Original version with English subtitles

This film is part of the Ukranian Day at FilmFestival Cottbus.

Antonio Lukich
Misha Lubarsky
Sergiy Stepansky Oleksandr, Verkhovynets
Oleksandr Chornyi, Ivan Bannikov, Olexander Legostaev
Vlad Odudenko
Alexandra Bratyshchenko, Vladimir Yatsenko, Anna Yatsenko
+38 067
383 75 08
Antonio Lukich

Antonio Lukich - Antonio Lukich is a Ukrainian director who was born in 1992 in Uzhhorod Ukraine. In 2015 he graduated from the Karpenko Kary Kyiv National University with a Bachelor's degree in film direction. With his first feature film, Моï думки тих i (My Thoughts Are Silent, 2019) he participated in and received multiple awards at international film festivals such as Karlovy Vary IFF, Raindance IFF, Santa Monica IFF, Odesa IFF. Lukich is an award recipient of the Ukrainian Film Academy. Among other honours he received the Merited Artist of Ukraine Award in March 2021, an official honorary mention granted to those who make significant contributions and achieve notable success in film and art for the country of Ukraine.

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