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Mimorádná událost

Emergency Situation

Jiří Havelka
CZ, 2022, 101 Min

A special trip to Velký Meziříčí. Somewhere in the Bohemian-Moravian highlands a train starts moving without its driver. The passengers are bewildered: A kidnapping? A shooting rampage? An Islamist attack? The fire brigade places a bouncy castle on the track to stop the train, and the populists from the “Už” (“Now!”) party naturally have the situation under control in an instant. A quick-witted comedy about the microcosm of a rather unconventional train journey.

Director Jiří Havelka and his producer Marek Jeníček demonstrated their talent for sharp-witted dialogue and situation comedy back in 2019 with “The Owners”, which attracted upwards of 320,000 viewers. Back then, a homeowners' association discussed the problems of their apartment block. And likewise, in EMERGENCY SITUATION, it’s the case that very different people are forced to get along with each other. Here, it’s those human prototypes of train travel that one would rather not have to share a compartment with; the impatient mother constantly admonishing her whiny child; the meddlesome elderly lady who has something to say to everyone and knows better on most issues; a married couple constantly needling one another; the control freak, for whom every foot on the bench sets off a nervous breakdown... The idea for the film was inspired by a true story: In February 2019, after the driver got out to check the brake pipe, a railcar on the Studenec – Křižanov branch line rolled back to the previous station, Velký Meziříčí, with eleven passengers on board. A chamber play-like comedy, the film attracted 115,000 viewers back in its native Czech Republic.

Weltspiegel : Original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation.
Glad-House/Obenkino : original version with English subtitles

Jiří Havelka, David Dvořák
Martin Štěpánek
Marek Hart, Jakub Čech
Darina Štěpánková
Andrea Králová
Martin Hůla
Marek Janíček
Elekta Prague
Jaroslav Sedláček (CT), Irena Kobosilová (Cinemart)
Jiří Havelka

Jiří Havelka - Jiří Havelka (1980) is a theater director, playwright and actor. He is a director of successful plays in many theatres including Czech and Slovak national theatr. In 2008 he won the Radok Prize. As actor he has participated in several movies and TV series. He is one of the profesors in  Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater at DAMU. 


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