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Máté Fazekas
HU, 2021, 86 Min

The rules are the rules: In line with this motto a routine forced eviction in a district on the outskirts of Budapest goes spectacularly wrong. An overly ambitious bailiff and the police quickly come up against their limits when an elderly lady refuses to leave her home in this original social tragi-comedy from present-day Hungary that takes in resentment, resistance, obedience to the powers that be and quiet hopes for better times.

An inexperienced bailiff wants nothing more than to get his first eviction over and done with quickly and efficiently and yet everything goes wrong. Activists have gathered in front of the single-family home in Budapest's 18th district. The elderly lady who is supposed to vacate the house sets a dozen dogs loose. The only policewoman on the ground calls for backup. A special task force soon arrives, the fire brigade is already there, and these are soon followed by a mediator and a veterinarian tasked with anaesthetising the barking canines. Activists call for a sit-in. No one wants to take sole responsibility, everyone involved refers to the “rules and regulations” that have to be followed. In this, director Máté Bence Fazekas’ debut film, what begins as a comedy full of dry humour and ever more absurd situations sees him allow his characters ever more space to evolve, as he tells a tale of misguided career choices, family constraints, impoverishment and a society in which, ultimately, not everyone is happy to remain indifferent and think merely of themselves. 

Weltspiegel : Original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation.
Kammerbühne/Serienlounge : original version with engl. subtitles

Judit Evelin Tóth
Viktor Lente
Marianna Rudas
Mária Torma
Dávid Konsiczky
Ákos Orosz ( Ricsi)
Mari Nagy (Ilona – the old lady)
Blanka Mészáros (Vera)
Annamária Láng (Etel)
Ágnes Barta (Zsuzsi)
István Znamenák (András)
András Pál (Gyuri)
Orsolya Török-Illyés (Rita)
Bori Péterfy (Csilla)
Kata Péter (Éva)
Géza Egger (Laci)
Márk Márfi (Norbi)
Andrea Spolarics (Ibolya)
Zsolt Trill (Mover 1)
Gergely Váradi (Karesz)
Péter Fülöp, Gábor Osváth, Judit Romwalter
Filmfabriq Kft., FP Films
Sparks Kft.
Máté Fazekas

Máté Fazekas - Born in 1988, Máté Fazekas studied Film Theory and History and later Screenwriting at ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary. After his graduation, he wrote scripted docu-reality shows and worked as a storyliner at Hungary’s most popular and longest-running daily TV series. He is currently a freelance screenwriter. He wrote numerous short films and developed an eight-episode TV series for HBO Hungary, based on his own idea. Mate’s short DAD’S HEART won the CineNewWavePrize for Best Short Film at the Jameson CineFest in Miskolc, Hungary. He developed his first feature film screenplay during Midpoint and First Films First and received script development support from the Hungarian National Film Institute. His next project EVICTION has been realised through the Incubator Program of the Hungarian National Film Institute, which aims to support the debuts of young filmmakers.

Dad's Heart (2019) (short)
Eviction (2021) (1st feature)
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