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Simon Bogojevic Narath
HR/SI/IT/XK/BA , 2022, 95 Min

An "Eastern" from pre-Christian times: Shot in Latin and full of powerful visuals, in this historical drama set in the year 37 B.C. Romans and "Barbarians" collide in the Roman province of Illyria. Told from the perspective of a young man who offers his services to the Romans, the film recalls lawless times when those with military power mercilessly oppressed the local population; that is, until unusual resistance arises.

The Roman province of Illyria covered the vast terrain of the western Balkan peninsula. The settlement area of ​​the Illyrians covered almost the entire Adriatic coast as well as its hinterlands. According to Albanian historiography, the origin of the Albanian people derives, at least in part, from the Illyrian people. In the film Volsus, a young Liburnian, volunteers to assist a Roman unit in collecting taxes from the Illyrians. The Romans see the Illyrian tribes as nothing but "barbarians", and indeed, local customs were harsh. Roman patrols or roving mercenaries plunder, rape and burn down villages. Volsus witnesses both this violence and a slowly growing resistance. In his co-production, the recipient of support from five different countries, director Simon Bogojević Narath depicts this archaic world with expansive landscape panoramas, as well as with images of destruction, death and despair. This unconventional thriller, set in pre-Christian times, exemplifies that the fatal practices of colonisation and the political functionalisation of inter-ethnic conflicts are mechanisms with a long tradition.

Weltspiegel Room 2: Original version with English subtitles

Simon Bogojević Narath,Saša Podgorelec
Aleksandar Kavić
Julij Zornik
Damir Čučić
Giorgio Barullo
Mirko Jankov
Filip Križan, Labeat Bytyçi, Ylber Bardhi,Robert Prebil, Franjo Dijak, Adrian Pezdirc
Ankica Jurić Tilić
Eva Rohrman, Alessandro Borrelli, Fatmir Spahiu, Amra Bakšić Ćamo, Adis Đapo - Forum, La Sarraz, Buka
Simon Bogojevic Narath

Simon Bogojevic Narath - Simon Bogojević Narath directs, animates and produces animated and experimental films for which he has received many recognitions and awards. His film Morana was awarded at Annecy International Animated Film Festival and his film Leviathan was awarded at Clermont Ferrand. Illyricvm is his first feature film.

2022 Illyricvm, feature, 95’

2011 Cvijet bitke / Flower of Battle, short 19’ 25’’

2008 Morana, short 13’ 25’’

2006 Levijatan / Leviathan, short 14' 25''

2002 Plasticat, short 9'50

1997-1999 Bardo Thodol: Tibetanska knjiga mrtvih / Bardo Thodol: Tibetan Book of the Dead, experimental 48'
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