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Anna Paavilainen
FI, 2022, 100 Min

In her home country she was regarded as the Finnish Samantha Fox: singer Kirsi Sirén, aka Kikka (1964-2005). As of the end of the 1980s, she enjoyed huge success with her dance-inspired pop numbers and the sexy image that was imposed on her. Full of music, disco atmosphere and 1980s flair, this insightful bio-pic portrays Kikka's passion, her talent, her engaging nature, and also her hubris- and alcohol-induced fall from grace.

Ironically it was a “nipplegate” episode that made Kikka a star in her native Finland. In the video for her first single "Mä haluun viihdyttää" ("I want to entertain") her top slipped down; and the song became a hit. The young beautician was discovered in 1986 in her hometown of Tampere by DJ Paula Takola. A rapid rise to fame followed, one ultimately followed by a heavy fall. In this bio-pic from Anna Paavilainen she has to fight for her place in a male-dominated world and is often reduced to her sex symbol image. Conceit, futile efforts to change her image, marital problems and her alcohol addiction ultimately prove the undoing of Kikka in the fast-paced world of show business. This insightful bio-pic pays lasting homage to a unique and most endearing of personalities.

Weltspiegel: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation
Kammerbühne/Serienlounge: original version with English subtitles

Maarit Nissilä
Pietari Peltola
Micke Nyström
Tuuli Alanärä
Kari Kankaanpää
Sara Melleri (Kikka), Elena Leeve (Paula), Jakob Öhrman (Henkka)
Kaisla Viitala
Elokuvayhtiö Komeetta
Anna Paavilainen

Anna Paavilainen - Anna Paavilainen is a Finnish filmmaker and an actor. She has studied in Theatre Academy Helsinki (2002-06) and in Stockholms Filmskola (2014-15). She worked as an actor in the Finnish National Theatre 2004-2012. She has directed and written theatre, film and tv and acted in various Finnish films and tv-series. Her short film Two Bodies on a Beach (Bufo, 2019) has been to many festivals (including GIFF) and the short film has won prizes abroad and also the Finnish Jussi Award 2019. She has written and directed a theatre piece Youhood (Finnish National Theatre, 2016). Her most famous work theatre monologue PLAY RAPE (Pop Up Art House Helsinki, 2014) about normalization of rape scenes in film and theatre, has been translated into english, german, swedish, hungarian and catalan. She directed a short film Play Rape (Tuffi Films, 2019) about the same subject, which was part of Force of Habit feature film produced by Tuffi Films and which was part of GIFF's programm 2020. 2019 Paavilainen participated Nordic Film Lab.

Kikka!, 110 min fiction, 2022 (director)
Alpha, fiction tv-serie, 8 episodes, 2020 (director)
Force of Habit, 75 min fiction, 2019
Play Rape, 19 min fiction, 2019
Two Bodies on a Beach, 19 min fiction, 2019
What's Up, Ronja Salmi?, documentary tv-serie, 3 episodes, 2018
Stay, 4 min fiction, 2016
Ta mig, 10 min fiction, 2015 (writer)
Koka över, 6 min fiction, 2015 (director)
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