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Kings Of Rap

Myroslav Latyk
UA, 2021, 100 Min

A reluctant bad boy: In order to break out of the confines of their Ukrainian village, Dima and Zheka resolve to become rappers. At their second performance at a local club, everything goes smoothly, that is until Dima makes some shady acquaintances and a spiral of violence is set in motion. The lure of quick money turns a decent boy into a real “gangsta”.

There is not much going on in the Ukrainian village friends Dima and Zheka call home. The two young men work on their parents' farm and in a petrol station. They see themselves as "bros" however and even manage to perform two rap gigs at the local disco, by means of which Dima also hopes to impress his girlfriend Svieta. Then, however, an old acquaintance gets the notoriously cash-strapped boy involved in the dealings of violent car thieves. A good-natured village boy, for whom the virtual “gangsta” world was nothing but an exotic dream, gets caught up in the very real mafia underworld and afterwards there's no turning back. Director Myroslav Latyk doesn't gloss over this criminal parallel world, and yet he does bring comic relief via no small amount of music, dreamlike sequences (the highlight of which is a rap during the potato harvest) and the depictions of Dima's family and love life, as well as an in-depth portrayal of life in the Ukrainian provinces. And a fun fact: Real-life rapper Anton Velboi, aka Wellboy, plays the part of Zheka.

Weltspiegel: Original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation.
Glad-House/Obenkino: original version with English subtitles

Roman Mahruk, Oleksii Komarovskyi, Myroslav Latyk
Denys Demydovych
Andrii Gulyanych, Yaroslav Nimyi
Marina Pshenichnikova
Mykhailo Dziuba, Anton Wellboy, Irma Vitovska, Karyna Khymchuk, Yurii Kulinich, Dmytro Khomiak, Andrii Borys
Yurii Minzyanov, Dmytro Minzyanov, Vladyslav Riashyn
Myroslav Latyk

Myroslav Latyk -  


Kyiv, Ukraine

1998 — 2001

Journalism Faculty, Lviv State University

2001 — 2006

Feature Film Directing, University named after Karpenko-Karyi, Kyiv

Short Films:
• 2003, Director, "Postfactum", official selection - festival "Molodist", Jury Award - "Vidkryta Nich" Festival
• 2012, Director, "MANU 18347", Grand Prix - "Vidkryta Nich" Festival.

TV programme:
• 2003 Director, "Mistychni Istorii", (6 seasons)

TV Series:
• 2011 Director, "Stringer"
• 2013 Director, "Zakhvat"
• 2021 Director and Screenwriter, “Wizard of the Big City”, in post-production.

Web Series:
• 2015 Director and Screenwriter, "" the first Ukrainian web-series (joint project with BBC Media Action). Grand Prix of BilbaoWebFest-2016 and the Best Director prize.

• 2010 Director/Producer, documentary "Yours/Somebody else’s Homeland" about the return of Crimean Tatars (for Al Jazeera World channel).

Feature Films:
• 2019 Director, “5baksiv.Sprava Khomiaka”
• 2019 – 2021 Director and Screenwriter, “Maksym Osa”, feature film (the premiere is scheduled for autumn 2022).
• 2020 Director and Screenwriter, “Kings of Rap”, feature film (premiere is scheduled for the autumn 2022).
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