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Apteeker Melchior

Melchior The Apothecary

Elmo Nüganen
EE, 2021, 90 Min

A famous knight who rid the Baltics of roving pirates is found murdered, head and body buried separately. Horror and anxiety spread, the elites fear for their power: Melchior is tasked with identifying those behind the crime.

Part 1 of 3 (Part 2, Part 3)

Elmo Nüganen's crime trilogy is based on the bestselling novels from Indrek Hargla, which have been translated into five languages, including German. Hargla was also involved in writing the script. All three parts were shot at the same time. They are set to the historical backdrop of the Estonian capital Tallinn, home to one of the best-preserved medieval city ensembles in Europe. All three films were released within a year of each other and soon became hits amongst domestic audiences after their theatrical release. The second part MELCHIOR THE APOTHECARY: THE GHOST drew 20,181 viewers on its opening weekend in Estonia in mid-August, whilst the first part sold 125,000 tickets between April and August 2022.

Kammerbühne: Original version with engl. subtitles with simultaneous translation in German
Glad-House/Obenkino: Original version with English subtitles

Indrek Hargla, Elmo Nüganen, Olle Mirme
Mihkel Soe
Horret Kuus, Henri Kuus
Marion Koppel
Matis Mäesalu
Liina Sumera
Märten Metsaviir, Maarja Johanna Mägi, Alo Kõrve, Henessi Schmidt, Franz Malmsten
Kristian Taska, Esko Rips, Armin Karu, Tanel Tatter, Veiko Esken
Taska Film, Nafta Films, Apollo Film Productions, HansaFilm
Jānis Kalējs, Lukas Trimonis, Philipp Kreuzer, Diana Mikita
Elmo Nüganen

Elmo Nüganen - is an Estonian film and theatre director and actor. From 1992-2021, he was the artistic director of Tallinn City Theatre. His debut as a film director and screenwriter was Names in Marble in 2002 with Taska Film, which brought approximately 170 000 people to the cinemas and held the number 1 title of admissions among Estonian films until 2016. Nüganen’s filmography also includes Mindless (2006) and 1944 (2015), both with Taska Film. The latter became the country’s submission for the Academy Awards in 2015. With the Melchior the Apothecary trilogy, Nüganen continues his theme of historic films, based on best-selling and internationally acclaimed novels written by Indrek Hargla.

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