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The Family

Bojan Vuletić
RS, 2021, 5 Min

The final three days before the ultimate arrest of Slobodan Milošević on April 1, 2001. The former president of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has barricaded himself in a villa where, surrounded by armed followers and bodyguards, he long resists capture. A thrillingly staged political series that, extended over five episodes, allows itself sufficient time to do justice to the complexity of the dramatic events in question.

It was no April fool's joke when Slobodan Milošević was to be arrested on April 1st 2001 in Tito's former villa. This award-winning five-part Serbian mini-series describes how dramatic the events in the three days leading up to the arrest really were. In this suspenseful docu-drama viewers initially encounter a self-confident autocrat, surrounded by passionate fellow campaigners and party apparatchiks, his frightened daughter and his melodramatic-seeming wife, the latter at the time also a member of the country’s political aristocracy. Opposing the Milošević clan are politicians from the reform-minded government of Zoran Đinđić, a young investigative reporter and her editor-in-chief, who prefers to remain politically ambivalent. The balance of power slowly changes and Milošević comes to the realisation that his followers are lying to him. Suddenly he wants to negotiate after all...

The creators of this series, led by award-winning up-and-coming director Bojan Vuletić, skilfully depict a country in upheaval, torn as it is between moral courage, democracy, nationalism, fake news and propaganda. As such, The Family represents a masterpiece of serial storytelling that has sold internationally, including in the USA and Australia.

Series Lounge: Original Version with English Subtitles

Bojan Vuletic
Aleksandar Ilic
Zoran Maksimovic, Ognjen Popic
Vanja Kovacevic
Zorana Petrov
Vladimir Pejkovic
Boris Isakovic, Mirjana Karanovic, Milan Maric, Vuk Kostic, Tijana Markovic, Uliks Fehmiu
Ivana Mikovic
Firefly Productions
Bojan Vuletić

Bojan Vuletić - Bojan Vuletić (Born in Belgrade, 19th of August, 1977) is Serbian screenwriter and film director. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (Department of Film and Television Directing). His first feature film, „Praktičan vodič kroz Beograd sa pevanjem i plakanjem” (SRB, 2011), had it’s premiere at East of the West program in Karlovy Vary. The movie won several local and international awards - FEDORA; the critic’s award at Pula Film Festival, FIPRESCI; the critic’s award at Cinema City Film Festival and special award of the jury at Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea.

Bojan has also won several awards as a co-writer for the movie „Ljubav i drugi zločini” (SRB, 2008), which was premiered at Berlin International Film Festival in 2008. The movie has won several international awards for the best screenplay. His second feature film „Rekvijem za Gospođu J.” (SRB, 2015) had an international premiere at Berlin International Film Festival in 2017. The movie won 5 awards - FEST 2017; FIPRESCI critic’s award at Sofia International Film Festival and the award for the best film at GoEast Festival in Wiesbaden.

TV Series “The Family” (created, written and directed by Vuletić; produced by Firefly Productions) has won several important awards at Sarajevo Film Festival 2021 – Heart of Sarajevo Award for the Best TV Series and Heart of Sarajevo Award for the Best Actor in Drama Series, while Bojan won the Heart of Sarajevo Award for the Best Series Creator.

Bojan is also one of the co-writers of the multiple-award winning film „As Far as I Can Walk” (SRB, FRA, LUX, BGR, LTU, 2021) by director Stefan Arsenijević.

● (2022) Pad / The Fall (TV Series)
● (2021) Porodica / The Family (TV Series)
● (SRB, FRA, LUX, BGR, LTU, 2021) As Far as I Can Walk (Film, as co - writer), r. Stefan Arsenijević
● (BGR, 2018) Irina (Film, as co - writer), r. Nadejda Koseva
● (SRB, 2015) Rekvijem za gospođu J. (Film)
● (SRB, 2015) Zlatno doba Leskovca (Documentary)
● (SRB, 2011) Praktičan vodič kroz Beograd sa pevanjem i plakanjem (Film)
● (SRB, 2008) Ljubav i drugi zločini (Film, as co - writer), r. Stefan Arsenijević
● (SRB, 2005) Izgubljeno – nađeno (Film, as co - writer), r. Stefan Arsenijević
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