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A játszma

The Game

Péter Fazakas
HU, 2022, 110 Min

A changing of the old guard amongst spies: Eight years after the workers' uprising of 1956, the Kádár regime has consolidated power in Hungary. The secret service is keeping a close eye on what is happening in the Soviet Union, expecting Leonid Brezhnev to become the new General Secretary and looking for a politically suitable successor for the post of General of State Security. Thus, the game begins in this cleverly constructed psychological spy thriller that grows more sophisticated by the minute.

A ”game” is initiated to find a successor able to fill the post of General of State Security. The "participants" are a scheming married spy couple, an out-of-favour ex-colonel and a young student who is hired as an informer. THE GAME is a standalone sequel to the 2012 spy film “A Viszga/The Exam”. As back then, it's the story of a mentor, an ambitious agent and a test. János Kulka, Zsolt Nagy, Péter Scherer and Gabriella Hámori once again play the leading roles. Norbert Köbli, Hungary's most successful screenwriter of recent years, has written the screenplay again, which he elaborated upon as follows in a recent interview with the culture magazine "Fidelio": "I wanted the main characters to engage with problems that are universal and can arise in any situation in life, not only in the life of a spy. Of course, spies experience a heightened sense of mistrust, and every relationship in our lives is determined by the question of whether we can trust someone or not.”

Stadthalle: Original version with English subtitles+ German simultaneous translation.
Weltspiegel Room 2: original version with English subtitles

Norbert Köbli
András Nagy
Ervin Stark
Zoltán Kovács
Réka Hársfalvy
Asher Goldschmidt
Zsolt Nagy – András Jung
János Kulka – Pál Markó
Viktória Staub – Abigél Monori
Gabriella Hámori – Éva Gáti
Péter Scherer – Emil Kulcsár
Tamás Lajos
Film Positive Productions Ltd
Péter Fazakas

Péter Fazakas - Péter Fazakas was born on October 6, 1967, in Budapest, Hungary. He is a director and writer, known for Árulók (Traitors, TV movie, 2017)200 első randi (200 First Dates, TV series, 2018) and Mindjárt meghalok (Short film, 2 min., 2003). He is also an acclaimed commercial director.

2003 Mice (short)
2004 Food (short)
2004 I'm Finished (short)
2008 Para (feature)
2009 Your or Me? (short)
2010 Dream Guy (short)
2012 Wings of Freedom (documentary)
2013 Freedom Flight (TV film)
2013 When Shall We Kiss? (TV series)
2014 Cheap Flight (TV series)
2017 Traitors (Árulók) (TV film)
2018 200 First Dates (200 Első randi, TV series)
2019 200 First Dates 2 (TV series)
2022 The Game (feature)
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