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The Nineties

Peter Bebjak
CZ, 2022, 60 Min

No FFC without a Peter Bebjak: like no other, the Slovak-Czech genre master understands the exciting interplay between thriller and auteur film, fiction and reality. His current TV series revolves around authentic criminal cases in the 1990s in the milieu of organized crime. Each of the six episodes made 2.23 million viewers in the Czech Republic. Tough entertainment according to the original recipe.

Episode 1

It is about scintillating cases, such as the murder of Jiří Jíva. The favorite bodyguard of several underground celebrities died in Prague in a hail of bullets from a semi-automatic machine gun. Or the Orlík murders. A total of five bodies were found in the dam between 1991 and 1993, mostly dumped in barrels. The TV series focuses on the work of police investigators. They have to deal with the arrogance of a milieu that used the freedom of the transitional phase after the fall of the Iron Curtain to establish criminal underground networks. Often with the cooperation of old secret service silos and corrupt police officers, who were offered enormous sums of money or threatened with pure violence in return for their favors. Josef Mareš, co-screenwriter of THE NINETIES, knows what he is writing about: he investigated organized crime himself in the 1990s.

Text: Bernd Buder

This series runs as part of the CZECH HIGH END SERIES EVENT. Admission is free. Come to the Chamber Stage, make yourself comfortable in your armchair and get a whiff of Czech series air.

Chamber Stage/Series Lounge: Original version with English subtitles.

Josef Mareš
Martin Žiaran
Ivo Broum
Marek Královský
Henrich Boráros
Juraj Dobrakov
Michal Reitler
Czech Television
Peter Bebjak

Peter Bebjak -

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