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Monica Stan/ George Chiper-Lillemark
RO, 2021, 114 Min

Alone amongst junkies, Daria defends her feigned innocence against the sexual advances of her fellow inmates, yet soon comes to find that her special treatment comes at a price in this mysterious milieu study of a clinic for heroin addicts told from the perspective of an 18-year-old.

When Daria's boyfriend is sentenced to four years in prison, her mother sends her to rehab. The timid Daria, who started taking heroin during their relationship, suddenly finds herself all alone amongst men in a closed ward. And everyone wants something from her. At first it's just little things: a hug or a dose of methadone. Soon, however, it becomes clear who is in charge and can take whatever he wants. In this debut production, inspired by her own experiences, director Monica Stan subtly narrates the constantly shifting balance of power between Daria and the men. A barely tangible yet deadly serious fight for survival begins.

Text: Joshua Jádi

Weltspiegel Room 2: Original version with English subtitles

Monica Stan
George Chiper-Lillemark
Filip Mureșan
Delia Oniga
Ana Gabriela Lemnaru
Marcian Lazăr
Axel Film
Romanian Film Centre
Monica Stan/ George Chiper-Lillemark

Monica Stan/ George Chiper-Lillemark -

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