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Tomasz Habowski
PL, 2021, 90 Min

From a provincial town to the big wide world – and then? Alicja makes ends meet in Warsaw as a waitress. Robert on the other hand, the son of a famous actor, just can’t seem to pull himself together. Sparks fly between the two and yet Robert, all man and snooty-nosed urban upstart, can't decide between the love of his life and the next big deal. Captured in poetic black and white and containing elements of both amour fatale and nouvelle vague, this work features Justyna Świeş, singer of the Polish electronic indie band The Dumplings, in the main role.

When, purely by chance, Robert meets the musical Alicja, the hunting instinct in him awakens: both for this unusual woman and also for the sentimental love songs that she sings so free of inhibition. The two make music together for a while without becoming an item. Alicja doesn't want her songs to be heard by others, and yet Robert sells the songs to a music label anyway, helped by his influential father. In this, his autobiographically inspired feature film debut, Tomasz Habowski skilfully manages to address several inner contradictions characteristic of his generation, be it that of small-town and big-city roots, father and son or wife and husband; and between those who refuse to sell out and those who want to turn everything into money, including the talent and, by extension, the soul of their girlfriend. At the same time, though Habowski engages critically with the pressure that the snobbishness of the art scene brings with it, he does this subliminally enough to allow his audience to revel in the maelstrom of emotions brought forth by this perfectly staged contemporary romantic tragedy and the wonderful indie songs of its leading actress.

Obenkino: original version with English subtitles.

Kammerbühne: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation.


Justyna Święs, Tomasz Włosok,
Andrzej Grabowski, Patrycja Volny

Tomasz Habowski - Tomasz Habowski - director and screenwriter, born in 1988 in Bielsko-Biała. He made his debut on the big screen in 2021 with the film "Songs about Love". The picture won recognition from critics and the public and was distributed by one of the most prestigious Polish distributor of independent cinema - Gutek film. "Songs about love" has received a number of awards.

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