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Luca Peres-Bota
RO, 2022, 12 Min

One phone call is enough to turn everything upside down. Having come to Belgium to earn money, Romanian Bogdan suddenly gets a call at work that his wife has been in an accident. But how can he be in two places at once?

Nothing really keeps Bogdan in Belgium, except work. He prefers to spend his free time with his wife and child - on video chat. Otherwise, he hangs out with his cousin Ovi. They live together. Life is going well so far. But when Bogdan receives a call at work that his wife has died in an accident, he goes completely crazy. In a short but perfectly to the point snapshot, Romanian-born director Luca Peres-Bota tells of the turmoil of being separated from your loved ones by thousands of kilometers because of your work, and at the same time shows the circumstances that many guest workers in the West have to endure.

Weltspiegel Saal 2: Original version with English subtitles Kammerbühne/Serienlounge: original version with English subtitles.

Text: Joshua Jádi

Luca Peres-Bota
Esmoreit Lutters
Studio Kavorka
Ayse Remmler
Casper de Geus
Studio Kavorka
Adrian Ban, Vlad Ionut Popescu, Ioana Niculae, Bertrand Yurdover
Adrian Peres
RITCS School of Arts

Luca Peres-Bota - Director and Writer Luca is currently a master's student in montage at FAMU and has graduated Cum Laude from RITCS school of arts with a master’s in Audiovisual Arts with ‘Dincolo’ as his graduation project. His earlier work, 'Verloren Zoon' (2019), was selected at various film festivals and his bachelor film, ´SAFA´ (2021), was selected for the ´NewDirectors´competition in Belgium.

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