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Valeriu Andriuta
RO, 2020, 23 Min

Wild and humorous, the film tells of the clever but poor Dorin, who takes on the bachelor exam of a 'rich kid` for money. He has only one night to prepare, but on that very night a party troupe lands in his dorm room.

Hired by the wealthy mother of a lazy boy, Dorin must not only pass the test, but also pass as her son. And that turns out to be more difficult than expected. He recently narrowly failed his pilot's exam due to color blindness, and now he's climbing the exterior of a dorm. For 650€. Bitter and yet laugh-out-loud grotesque about a rogue whose socioeconomic disadvantage wrings the extraordinary from him.

Weltspiegel: Original version with English subtitles.
Kammerbühne/Series Lounge: Original version with English subtitles

Text: Joshua Jádi

Valeriu Andriuta
Roman Cantir
Titi Fleancu
Iulia Andriuta
Elena Porumbescu
Minco Eggersman
Eugeniu Prisacari, Ecaterina Ladin
Iulia Andriuta
Amprenta Films
Florian Serban, Fantascope Films
Valeriu Andriuta

Valeriu Andriuta - is a Romanian director, actor and script writer.

As actor, he is best known for his part as the priest in Cristian Mungiu's ʺBeyond the Hillsʺ (2012). He appeared in most of Cristian Mungiu's films, whilst also being cast in projects of important directors such as Sergei Loznitsa, Florin Șerban, Ercan Kesal, Pavel Lungin, Marian Crișan, Daniel Sandu and Bogdan George Apetri.

In 2016, Valeriu has embarked on his directorial project, a trilogy of shorts inspired by Moldova, his birthplace.

His directorial debut was "Chers Amis" in 2017, a short film selected for a large number of festivals. It won numerous awards including ADAMI Media Prize. 

The second part of his trilogy, "Salix Caprea" won Best Screenplay and Best Director award at La Cabina Valencia International Medium Length Film Festival and Best Short at Moldavian Film Union Awards. "I am Dorin", his latest project, premiered at 42th Moscow International Film Festival, brings his Moldavian trilogy to an end, and along with "Chers Amis",  was nominated for Best Short Film at GOPO 2022 Awards Romania. 

Valeriu has written the scripts for all the shorts he has directed and produced, and also for two feature films, which are in the pre-production stage.

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