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Nataša Urban
NO, 2022, 110 Min

Nataša Urban grew up in Serbia. In "The Eclipse" she reflects on her country's responsibility for the Yugoslav wars. In doing so, she creates a richly layered essay film about shared remembrance and personal responsibility in a country that refuses to face up to its guilt.

As the world awaited, almost spellbound, the eclipse of August 11, 1999, much of the Serbian population barricaded themselves in their homes and nuclear shelters for fear of the shadows. Here, the event is used as a metaphor for the nation's guilty conscience at the consequences of the political decisions made on its behalf. Urban explores the painful memory of her country's dark past and speaks of the evil that still roams free today. She expertly arranges analogue film images and archive material together with stories from friends and family. Whilst herself serving as a conversation partner, she also lets the flow of thoughts run free and thus creates a feeling of intimacy, showing in the process that it is possible to love those that are near and dear to us as much as one's homeland and nevertheless, at same time, hold them accountable.

Glad-House/Obenkino: Original version with english subtitles

Ivan Marković
Svenn Jakobsen
Jelena Maksimović
Bill Gould and Jared Blum
Ingvil Giske
Medieoperatørene AS
Nataša Urban

Nataša Urban - Nataša was born into a Serbo-Romanian family in north Serbia in 1977. She lives and works in Oslo.Nataša Urban is a documentary film director and editor working professionally since 2005. Her films, such as Journey of a Red Fridge (IDFA First Appearance Competition 2007, IDFA Top 25 Audience Favorites 2007) and Big Sister Punam (UNICEF Award for Children Rights), have been screened at film festivals worldwide and have received 40 awards. They have aired on major TV networks, including ARTE, RAI, ZDF, DR2, YLE, ORF, RSI, and PBS, and are part of educational programs in schools around the globe, from Ghana to Mongolia.Nataša graduated in 2001 from Bucharest's University of Arts, in the Department of Photography and Video. She also holds a Master's degree in Photography, awarded by the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2008.She took part in ESoDoc 2006, IDFAcademy 2007, IDFA Summer School 2014, Berlinale Talents 2015, Werner Herzog Rogue Film School 2016, as well as UP 2.0 2020 and Nye Veier 2020 Norwegian Film Institute’s talent schemes.

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