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Maksim Shved
BY, 2022, 52 Min

They could hardly be more different: Anna and Pavel are both cab drivers, he in Minsk, she in Baranovichi. She supports the dictator Lukashenko, he disapproves. Their passengers have different views. Above all it’s the older generations that believe the state propaganda. The younger ones long for freedom. The film was shot before the presidential elections in Belarus from June to August 2020.

Pavel and Anna are both taxi-drivers. Filmmaker Maksim Shved observes as they discuss politics with their passengers in the weeks leading up to the presidential elections on August 9, 2020. Anna is over the age of 50 and has faith in the Lukashenko government. Older men in particular agree with her. Young people should rather spend their time on physically-demanding work, do sports and stop following anti-state propaganda on the Internet. Pavel demonstrates against Lukashenko and finds, especially amongst younger generations, like-minded people. Already on election night it becomes clear that the Lukashenko regime intends to suppress its opponents with all the brutality at its disposal in this informative yet ambivalent documentary about an internally divided country and, above all, a conflict between generations. As was the case with some of his team members, the director was arrested during filming and now lives in exile.

Glad-House/Obenkino: Original version with english subtitles

Maksim Shved
Siarhej Kavaleu
Ilja Bozhko
Anna Mihajlovna, Pavel Vasilev
Alina Rudnickaja
Currenttime TV
Natalia Arshavskaja, Kenan Aliev
Maksim Shved

Maksim Shved - Maksim Shved was born in 1979 in Minsk, Belarus. After graduating from the politology department of the Belarusian State University he started some small businesses. At age 33 he made a fundamental change in life started to study filmmaking. The most breakthrough at this way was graduating from Documentary Programme at Wajda School in Warsaw in 2016. His documentary “Pure Art” was premiered at the 59Th Krakow film festival, won best director at “ArtDocFest in 2019 and the number of prizes at world festivals.    In August 2020 he was detained during the shootings of his documentary about presidential elections in Belarus. He also transformed the episode of his life into the short documentary “What will we do tomorrow?”  Now Maksim directs documentary series for television and develops original documentary projects.

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