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Čekajući Handkea

Waiting For Handke

Goran Radovanović
RS, 2021, 74 Min

Only a few hundred people still live in Velika Hoča, a Serbian enclave in southern Kosovo. Everywhere in the historic village, one encounters the portrait of Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke. After his feature film ENKLAVE (2016), director Goran Radovanović shoots again in Velika Hoča. He succeeds in creating an etude about a desperately awaited bearer of hope who, as in Becket's Waiting for Godot, never shows up. A reflection on personality cult-like hero worship that hopes for better times and a region that, entangled in polarizing perpetrator-victim discourses, is treading water.

In Velika Hoča in southern Kosovo, time seems to have stood still. There is hardly any cell phone reception, the inhabitants struggle with wind and snow and suffer from the new political realities. They are proud of their own culture and tradition, and of the recent Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke, who immortalized the town in his literary work "The Cuckoos of Velika Hoča" (2009). For many Serbians, Handke is "our second Nobel Prize winner after Ivo Andrić". Therefore, the small community wants to erect a memorial plaque for the author. But the government in Pristina declares him persona non grata. The result is a laconic reflection on the cultural self-image of the Serbian minority in the middle of Kosovo. Their nostalgic pathos gradually becomes as routine as the longing for the bearer of hope, for the strong man who will fix everything.

Text: Jörg Taszman

Glad-House/Obenkino: Original version with English subtitles

Goran Radovanović

Goran Radovanović - Born in Belgrade in 1957. Graduated art history from Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy in 1982. Between 1977 and 1980 he sojourned in Munich on a scholarship awarded by the Goethe Institute. After his return to Belgrade, he has worked as writer and director of both feature and documentary films.He is a member of the European Film Academy, Berlin and Film Artists Association of Serbia.Worked as guest professor at EICTV (International Film and Television School), San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba, VGIK; Moscow, Oberlin College, Ohio, USA, ESAP - Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Portugal, DFFB, Berlin, Germany.His films were screened and awarded at numerous film festivals worldwide.Acted as a tutor at workshops organized at nomerous film festivals by EDN (European Documentary Network

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