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Anna Kazejak
PL, 2022, 100 Min

Two families on a camping holiday. Between the attempts to keep up appearances and the onset of mid-life crises there’s plenty of space for minor jibes and, since everyone talks past one another, what was intended as an enjoyable time spent together soon turns out otherwise. Deliberately interlaced with vicious humour, this psychodrama speaks of strained relationships and the state of inner silence that exists between men and women.

The atmosphere on Bornholm is tense right from the start, especially between the egocentric Hubert, played by star actor Maciej Stuhr, and his eternally-aloof wife Maja. A conflict arises between the children when one of the little ones tries to persuade the other to have oral sex. Where did he get that idea from? His dad's computer. No longer able to be held in check by the goodwill between Dawid and Nina, his girlfriend-to-be who is a few years his junior, the situation threatens to escalate. Director Anna Kazejak demonstrates a keen psychological sense for the toxic undercurrents of interpersonal routine and the rift between male and female modes of communication: “The way I see the world and the relationship between men and women is that even if both sides have the best intentions, and they have a positive attitude and want to communicate, it’s very difficult for them. Sometimes, it’s impossible. (…)  Agnieszka Holland has said in many interviews that apart from all of the conflicts happening in the world now, there is also a global conflict between two forces: male and female. It lies in a fact that many people are already aware of: that after a very long period of male domination, women have become empowered and want their voices to be heard. They demand a social existence. And that is having a big impact on our lives and on the way we communicate, because we are drifting apart in our needs. I can see it clearly in the generation of forty-somethings that I belong to.“  (quoted from Cineuropa,

Text: Bernd Buder
English: Peter Rickerby

Kammerbühne: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation

Filip Kasperaszek, Anna Kazejak
Jakub Stolecki
Malgorzata Czuro
Mariusz Biskupski
Marcel Slawinski, Katarzyna Sobanska
Jerzy Rogiewicz
Katarzyna Sobanska, Meciej Stuhr, Grzegorz Damiecki, Jasmina Polak, Magnus Krepper
Marta Lewandowska, Anna Kazejak, Filip Kasperaszek
Friends With Benefits Studio
Anna Kazejak

Anna Kazejak - Anna Kazejak is an internationally awarded director and screenwriter. Prior to attendingat the National Film School in Lodz in 2001, she spent many years studying film theory. In 2005, Kazejak and two of her friends from school decided to produce a three part film dealing with the economic migrations of young Poles. This film was the much-celebrated, Ode To Joy. The three directors not only won the hearts of critics, but won many major prizes. (Special Jury Prize - Gdynia Film Festival, 2005; Platinum Award for Best LowBudget Production - WorldFest Independent Film Festival, Huston, 2007). This film was also the first Polish film to screen in competition at the Rotterdam International FilmFestival. The first feature film by Kazejak was Flying Pigs, which was seen by a huge number of movie-goers. Her third film - The Word - had a World Premiere at 64. Berlinale IFF, Generation Section and was shown at over 40 internationals film festivals and recived many prizes. Kazejaks stand out directing work in television was for numerous episodes of HBO Poland's version of In Treatment. She is a member of the European Film Academy and board member of Polish Directors Guild.

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