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Tereza Nvotová
SK/CZ , 2022, 116 Min

When, thirty years on, Šarlota returns to her birthplace in the Slovakian mountains, she receives a cool reception. Like her mother, she is considered an outsider. And then there's the mystery of her little sister's death in this feminist thriller interlaced with horror and mythical, natural motifs.

In fact, Šarlota only wants to claim her inheritance from her deceased mother. Back home however traumatic memories come to the surface; of the death of the sister, of the neighbour who was stigmatised and hunted as a witch. Šarlota grows increasingly unclear about her own role in this rural network of relationships. On the search for traces of her lost childhood she penetrates ever deeper into the subconscious of a village community dominated by long-standing concepts of morality. In the nature mystic Mira she finds an ally who will help her to piece together the puzzle pieces of her confused past. As these two women delve deep into the psyche of the past, they are vociferously and presumptuously declared insane by local youngsters and their parents. In this, her second feature film, Tereza Nvotová intertwines nature mythical and esoteric motifs with genre elements into a richly layered thriller about the longevity of traditional values. And about two women who, in a catharsis-like experience, lure the demons associated therewith out from under the carpet.

Text: Bernd Buder
English: Peter Rickerby

 Weltspiegel (large hall): original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation

Barbora Námerová, Tereza Nvotová
Federico Cesca
Marek Hart, Michaela Patríková, Ivan Horák
Pavel Hrdlička, Thibault Hague
Tomáš Berka
Natália Germán - Šarlota
Eva Mores - Tamara
Juliána Brutovská – Helena
Iva Bittová – Otyla
Jana Oľhová – Anna
Marek Geišberg – Tomáš
Zuzana Konečná – Žofa
Noël Czuczor – Rado
Peter Ondrejička – Juro
Miloš Lochman
Bfilm, moloko film
RTVS (Radio and Television of Slovakia)
Tereza Nvotová

Tereza Nvotová - Born 1988 in Trnava,Czechoslovakia. Her debut film, "Filthy/Špina", premiered at IFF Rotterdam and has won many awards at festivals worldwide. Tereza collaborated with various broadcasting companies, most notably HBO Europe who has co-produced her feature debut and two documentaries. Her latest HBO documentary “The Lust for Power” was critically acclaimed and has caused heated debate about populism and corruption in politics. She is currently working on her third feature "Father" (SK, CZ), TV miniseries "Convictions" (SK,CZ, FR) and "The Nurse" (US) for AGBO production.

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