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Nji prej Nesh


Ergys Meta
AL, 2022, 107 Min

A Balkan neo-noir from Albania. Kosovan war veteran Sula and his colleague Shpëtim together conduct police patrols in Tirana. Sula has dreams of bigger things, Shpëtim first and foremost wants to be left in peace. Though Sula lost his fear of killing during the war, his moral ambitions remain intact. An explosive mixture: the traumatised former freedom fighter plans a perfect crime against his country's corrupt elite which he then ends up investigating himself.

In his short films Ergys Meta has already demonstrated his talent as a genre director. Here, in his feature film debut, he combines buddy film with neo-noir. Skilfully bringing forth allusions to film history and contemporary political culture, he keeps his film down to earth with sparse dialogues between its dissimilar colleagues whilst all the whole cross-referencing, with the help of a video store employee who makes appearances as Marylin Monroe and later Mia Wallace from Quentin Tarrantino's "Pulp Fiction", the factory of dreams that is the world of cinema. Only to then, quite en passant and without pointing fingers, briefly shed light on the well-hidden traumatisation of his country as a result of the Kosovo war and its political intrigues. After the need for revenge has been satisfied, it's back to the factory of dreams; or was it all just a film? Entertaining genre cinema that comes complete with depth of meaning and a universal touch.

Text: Bernd Buder
English: Peter Rickerby 

Weltspiegel Saal 2: original version with English subtitles.

Weltspiegel (large hall): original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation

Ergys Meta
Shpëtim Baça
Darko Spasovski
Stefan Stabenow
Stivi Rrapo
Bledi Boraku
Alban Ukaj, Kasem Hoxha, Sebina Matlija, Alfred Trebicka, Enkel Gurakuqi
Sabina Kodra
Dejan Iliev, Ilija Ciriviri, Agron Kryeziu - DMF Films, Iliria Film
Ergys Meta

Ergys Meta - After finishing his studies for Literature and Philosophy in Corso DAMS Cinema Mediologico in Italy (2003-2007), Ergys Meta returned to Albania to finish studying Film Directing at The University of Arts in 2014. From an early age on, he was influenced by Spaghetti Western and Spaghetti Noir movies. The great influence of pulp literature evolved his vision for the dark genre. His latest works are influenced by neo-noir sub-genres.

- COME INSIDE ME - Short , Fiction,2013, Albania
- THE KILLERS – Short, Fiction, Independent, 2014 Albania
- DOG KILLERS – Short, Fiction, QKK, 2015, Albania
- HANDS IN POCKET – Short, Fiction, QKK, 2017 Albania
- THE GOOD MAN – Short, Fiction, CIRCE, 2020 Italy – Albania
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