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Piktuju Karta


Emilis Vėlyvis
LT, 2021, 90 Min

Former KGB cliques stick together in a small Lithuanian town. Suddenly, however, brutal ritual murders occur. The demons of the Soviet past are resurfacing and the corrupt elite starts to get anxious... Genre cinema from Lithuania that, with its horror film elements, is more than just another political thriller.

A police commissioner who is having an affair with his best friend's wife has ambitions of becoming mayor. The incumbent mayor perceives this as an affront. Then, however, a serial killer suddenly strikes terror in this provincial Lithuanian town by brutally murdering a number of its more notable inhabitants. An investigator is dispatched from the capital, the corrupt local elite lives in fear. Director Emilis Velyvis has captured here a political and horror thriller that is as trashily bloody as it is elegantly stylised. So much so that American critic Alan Ng (Film Threat) claimed that the only thing keeping THE GENERATION OF EVIL from becoming a major success is its lack of Hollywood stars.

Text: Jörg Taszman
English: Peter Rickerby

Kammerbühne: original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation


Jonas Banys
Feliksas Abrukauskas
Kazimieras Cejauskas
Darius Silenas
Akvile Klimaviciute
Daiva Jovaisiene
Emilis Vėlyvis

Emilis Vėlyvis - EMILIS VELYVIS is a popular and esteemed Lithuanian filmmaker and storyteller. He began filmmaking career by directing comical short films KNOT and MATVAJU, which won the infamous AXX short film competition and guaranteed financial support for first feature ZERO. ALYVINE LIETUVA (2006).

This film immediately gained him the attention of Lithuanian audience with clever social irony,hilarious black humor, colorfully written losers and inventively directed fast-paced action moments. The ideas of the first film evolved into privately financed low-budget second film and even blacker action comedy ZERO: SITCOM (2010), which was a box office success in Lithuania.

His third feature - black humored crime thriller REDIRECTED (2014) with cult actor Vinnie Jones sold 293,000 tickets in Lithuanian cinemas and 30,000 more tickets added to the Director’sinternational cut. REDIRECTED beat Avatar and Titanic and became the most attended movie of all time in Lithuania. REDIRECTED was commercially released in the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and other countries.

EMILIS VELYVIS was hired by Russian producers and directed TV series A MAN WITHOUT A PAST and fantasy thriller GUARDIANS OF THE NIGHT (2016), which reached cinemas of USA, Malaysia, Vietnam among many other destinations. Returning home after cinematic work abroad Emilis chose to direct the third sequel of ZERO, where he together with loyal screenwriter Jonas Banys made fun out of Lithuanian politicians. ZERO 3 (2017) was seen by 195,000 spectators.

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