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Kiik, kirves ja Igavese Armastuse Puu


Meel Paliale
EE, 2021, 82 Min

In the course of a single day Kiik's world goes to pieces: love gone (his girlfriend cheats on him), work gone (his employer suddenly dies), and car gone (wrecked and then set in flames). What to do? A small but beautiful summer road movie comedy, something of a cross between Kaurismäki and the Olsen Gang, and one that by no means comes across as outmoded.

The young car mechanic, who had actually wanted to become an artist, drives with Eerik in his deceased boss's car to the town where the tree of love is located. This is where Kiik and Piia once carved a heart with their names. This humorous debut from Meel Paliale takes us through Estonian forests and fields and along the Baltic Sea coast. The young protagonists vacillate between heartbreak, career plans and semi-criminal pranks and have to deal, amongst other things, with a friendly policeman and a deadly serious knight. Catharsis meets comedy.

Text: Kira Taszman
English: Peter Rickerby

Weltspiegel (large hall): original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation


Meel Paliale, Urmet Piiling
Markus Mikk
Joonas Taimla
Meel Paliale
Meel Paliale, Urmet Piiling
Meel Paliale, Janek Murd
Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain Rannu, Urmet Piiling
Meel Paliale

Meel Paliale -

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