Section: What´s left?



Mihai Grecu
FR/RO, 2022, 45 Min

What if Nicolae Ceaușescu, the self-proclaimed "Great Commander," were resurrected in present-day Romania? A film crew announces this miracle in a Romanian village. The Conducător then really does reappear, as a hologram. Not only amusing, but also slightly frightening reflection on forgetting too quickly and political nostalgia as a life lie and late consequence of dictatorships

Text: Jörg Taszman

This series runs as part of the short film program "What`s left?".

Weltspiegel Saal 2: Original version with English subtitles
Kammerbühne Serienlounge: Original version with English subtitles

George Chiper
Clément Maléo
Alexandru Radu, Lucie Jego
François Martin Saint Léon
Barberousse Films
Mihai Grecu

Mihai Grecu - Mihai Grecu was born in Romania in 1981. After studying art and design in Romania and France, he has been pursuing his artistic research atthe Fresnoy Studio of Contemporary Arts. Recurring topics such as environmental crysis, political allegories, new technologies and catastrophesarticulate the whole of his exploration of mysterious and subconscious beginnings. These visual and poetic trips mix several techniques andmay be seen as propositions for a new dream oriented technology. His work hes been shown and awarded in numerous film festivals (Tribeca,Locarno, Rotterdam, Festival of New Cinema in Montreal) and exhibitions ("Dans la nuit, des images" at the Grand Palais, "Labyrinth of mymind" at the Cube, "Video Short list: the Dream Machine" at the Passage du Retz, "Studio" at "Les Filles du Calvaire" Gallery).

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