Perm-36. Otrazhenie

Perm-36. Reflexion

Sergei Kachkin
Russia, 2016, 101 Min

Processing the past under the gaze of the state: 1,000 kilometers east of Moscow lies Perm, a closed city during the Soviet period due to its role in the armament industry. Perm-36, a labor camp opened in 1946 under the guidance of Stalin, is located 80 kilometers from the city. With the last inmate released in 1987, the camp was subsequently transformed into a museum and memorial site.

Sergei Kachkin

Perm-36 is the only Stalin-era camp to have been preserved in its entirety across the territory of the former Soviet Union. Tatyana Georgievna is the director of the museum, which was opened back in 1994. Since 2005 the museum has organized an annual two-day civil society gathering entitled “Pilorama”, which sees various civil society groups and former inmates come together in order to discuss political and social issues. The museum’s processing of the past is the source of great controversy however, with the state and various radical groupings applying pressure, as a result of which the museum has meanwhile been nationalized and the museum’s director dismissed. The director provides a poignant account of the camp, as former prisoners tell their tales; at the same time the viewer is provided with insight into contemporary Russian society and the state’s growing attempts to pressure its civilians into obedience. MM

DCP | Doc. | Farbe / colour
Sergei Kachkin
Sergei Kachkin
Vladimir Ermakov
Kolia Votinov
Mike Kirin
Sergei Kachkin
april filmlab
Reflexion Films
Sergei Kachkin
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Sergei Kachkin

Sergei Kachkin - born in Perm, Russia. His short films had been screened in Russia and internationally already before he graduated from Marina Razbezhkina School of Documentary Films and Theatre in Moscow in 2009. Since 2015 he is the programmer for the International Documentary Film Festival “DOKer” in Moscow.

DANCE OF COLOUR (2009, short, doc)
ON THE WAY HOME (2011, doc)

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