Earworm | Shadow Country

Stadthaus Cottbus, Tue 08.12. | 20:30

Films in the programme:

Shadow Country

Shadow Country

Krajina ve stínu

Bohdan Sláma

Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2020, 135 Min

Chronicle of a South Bohemian village and its inhabitants in the dramatic period from the 1930s to the 1950s. They used to live together peacefully, regardless of nationality or religion. But then they have to decide whether they are German or Czech, as friendly neighbours suddenly become mortal enemies.




Szilárd Bernáth

Hungary, 2019, 17 Min

Between dream and reality, tradition and new creation. A spectacular mix of genres about a young Hungarian who joins the Red Army in the last phase of the war. When he meets a German child, he finds himself faced with an inner quandary.

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