Mr. Janek | Somebody Should Do Something

Glad-House, Thu 10.12. | 17:00

Films in the programme:

Somebody should do something

Somebody should do something

Elvis & Onerva

Mikael Syrjälä

, 2019, 65 Min

It was actually love at first sight between Onerva and Elvis. Until he brags about the great sex with her that never actually happened. A lie that spreads like wildfire. Lockers and changing rooms as a meeting point; these motifs, so well known from American high school films, are given an unexpected twist in this Finnish coming-of-age drama.

Mr. Janek

Mr. Janek

Pan Janek

Maja Dachtera, Natalia Sulikowska

Poland, 2020, 3 Min

The caretaker: lord of the expanses of the storage rooms.  Yet also a quite remarkable magician.

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