A Letter to the Descendants | Homo Sperans

Weltspiegel, Wed 09.12. | 11:00

Films in the programme:

A Letter to the Descendants

A Letter to the Descendants

Pismo Potomkam

Igor Gladkov

Russia, 2019, 52 Min

What would you like to tell your descendants? Children and young people are confronted with this question. The presence of a camera doesn't make the task any easier. Yet the ice quickly breaks and the protagonists talk freely about life in Russia. A fascinating cross-section of opinion from St. Petersburg's next generation. Filmtalk: A LETTER TO THE DESCENDANTS | PISMO POTOMKAM | English Q&A | ...

Homo Sperans

Homo Sperans

Chelovek neunyvajushchij

Andrei Konchalovsky

Russia, 2020, 73 Min

"What is typically Russian?", "What makes Russia special for you?", "Why do you love Russia?" Far away from the Russian metropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the other regions of this huge country, answers to these questions are to be found. From initial patriotic phrases the protagonists quickly move on to personal expressions of opinion. Filmtalk: HOMO SPERANS | English Q&A | FFC ...

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