Feature Film Competition

  The twelve best productions from Central and Eastern Europe. Ambitious talents compete with old masters and star directors. The entries compete for the 25,000 EUR main prize for the best film and the prize sculpture LUBINA (Sorbian: the lovely one). In addition, the International Jury will ...

Short Film Competition

The Short Film Competition shows ten to twelve contributions - both as a format in its own right, between artistic experiment and cinematic punch line, and also as a calling card for young directing talents from Eastern Europe. Presented in two blocks on Friday evening at "The Long Night of the ...

U18 Youth Film Competition

  The U18 Youth Film Competition shows current full-length and medium-length feature films that deal with the situation of young people. The thematic spectrum goes far beyond the genre of the classic coming-of-age film. The films show how young people try to find their place in the world, ...

Lusatian FilmShow

    This popular competition offers a unique forum for filmmakers from Lusatia. It is a large canvas for works from all genres with a maximum length of 15 minutes.


    Anything but mainstream! The SPECTRUM shows cinematic discoveries - provocative and radical, honest and unvarnished.


    For the special view! The SPECIALS combine what doesn't seem to fit into other sections. From favourite films and our jury members' own works to unusual works such as the FullDome programme at the Cottbus Planetarium.

Russkiy Den

    Traditionally the festival Wednesday is owned by the section RUSSKIY DEN. Here the FilmFestival Cottbus presents a selection of film year's highlights from Russia.

Polskie Horyzonty

    The film series POLSKIE HORYZONTY contains contributions by both established and young filmmakers from Poland - one of the most (film) productive countries in Eastern Central Europe. With its finger on the pulse of the times, it is a discourse-loving, controversial and artistically ...

Homeland | Domownja | Domizna

    The film series HOMELAND | DOMOWNJA | DOMIZNA illuminates film production in Lower and Upper Lusatia with Sorbian and regional topics. Thematically extensive, one thing becomes clear: home is not a fixed term.  


  Again and again Eastern European films succeed in reaching the top of the box office lists in their production countries. This often puts them in front of international blockbusters. Especially on the big markets such as Russia or Poland, domestic films are gaining ground with audience - and ...

Children's Film

  The series shows six film programmes with a current overview of Eastern European children's film production. Fantastic adventures and stories suitable for viewers between the ages of three and twelve. On festival Sunday, the world premiere of the latest rbb fairytale film production ...

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