Tomas Vengris
Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Greece, 2019, 96 Min

A lyrical coming-of-age drama from Lithuania: in 1992, shortly after the independence of the country, twelve-year-old Kovas and his Lithuanian-born mother Viktorija come to visit from Boston. After twenty years of emigration Viktorija desperately wants to regain possession of her father's estate. She changes, behaves as if obsessed, and Kovas tries to figure out why.

Kovas was born in the US and sees the birthplace, his mother's "homeland", for the first time. Through the car windows he looks at a foreign, destitute country. The house she wants to regain possession of is now inhabited by an impoverished Russian family and yet that is not the only reason why the matter proves more difficult than anticipated. While Victoria concocts new plans, catches up with one-time lovers and reignites old rivalries her silent son plays the role of the observer. His peers are interested in the American youngster's chewing gum and trendy wristwatch. Only when he meets Maria does he start to form a gentle loving relationship of his own.

Director Tomas Vengris, who himself grew up as the child of Lithuanian immigrants in the USA, draws on his own experiences in the “wild” nineties in this, his debut film. For the female lead of Viktorija he cast Severija Janušauskaitė, the star of the BABYLON BERLIN series, whilst the young and talented Matas Metlevskis shines alongside her. CF

DCP | Farbe / colour
Tomas Vengris
Audrius Kemežys
Saulius Urbanavičius
Gintarė Sokelytė, Tomas Vengris
Ramūnas Rastauskas
Kārlis Auzāns
Matas Metlevski, Severija Janušauskaitė, Darius Gumauskas, Barbora Bareikytė
Uljana Kim
Studio Uljana Kim Antakalnio 94-25 10202, Vilnus Mobile: +370 6992 6552
Heimathafen Film & Media GmbH; Locomotive Productions, ...
Alpha Violet
Keiko Funato
18 rue Soleillet
75020, Paris
Tel: + 33 6 29 83 51 08
Mobile: +33 1 47 97 39 84
Tomas Vengris

Tomas Vengris - born in 1984 as the son of Lithuanian immigrants and raised in the USA, Washington D.C., he first worked as a corporate consultant before devoting himself to his passion for film and completing a second degree in directing at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. MOTHERLAND is his feature film debut. Above all, however, he is a well-known editor.

KALIFORNIJA (2012, short)
SQUIRREL (2014, short)

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