Tell Her

Aleksandr Molochnikov
Russia, 2020, 94 Min

Russia at the end of the nineties: despite the problems in wider society, maths teacher Artyom and his wife Sveta live happily together with their son Sasha in St. Petersburg. Then however Sveta has an affair with an American that fundamentally changes the lives of all three and forces them to make far-reaching decisions. Ultimately it's the son who proves the real loser of this marital crisis.

Artyom and Sveta come into conflict. They decide to separate. For nine-year-old Sasha an exhausting back and forth between both parents begins. And the grandparents also start a war with each other. Michael and Sveta want to go to America to start a new life there, Sasha is taken with them. He is unable to settle in his new environment, conflicts arise, Sveta and Michael are overwhelmed. Only a visit by Artyom seems to promise a solution. An entertainingly staged personal social drama in which director Alexandr Molochnikov avoids the use of clichés. Instead he successfully places the sphere of interpersonal relationships in the foreground. MM

Alexander Molochnikov, Ilya Tilkin
Janis Eglitis
Alexander Molochnikov
Alisa Solovieva
Kai Getz, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Artem Bystrov, Alexey Serebryakov
Anna Makhmuryan
Sreda Production Company Moscow, 115088 Novoostapovskaya st., 5/3
Anna Mahmuryan (Sreda Production Company)
Aleksandr Molochnikov

Aleksandr Molochnikov -

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