Dopunska Nastava


Ivan-Goran Vitez
Croatia, 2019, 101 Min

A hostage drama with a bitter political aftertaste. Not allowed to congratulate her on her birthday, a traumatised war veteran takes his daughter's class hostage. A corrupt mayor takes advantage of the situation to outdo his election rival. A cynical journalist tries to gain fame with the help of fake news.

Filmtalk: EXTRACURRICULAR | English Q&A | FFC 2020

Ivan-Goran Vitez ‘ gripping thriller cuts deep into the wounds of a divided country and shows the susceptibility to manipulation of a society that has not yet come to terms with its recent past. What at first seems like a classic act of desperation from a frustrated father quickly develops, through dynamically cut parallel plot lines, into a portrait of the small Croatian town that is at the centre of the action. The finesse of this film lies in its weaving a dense web out of the many storylines, which range from small personal individual fates to the large political arena with its interregional dimensions. The inventiveness behind the many unexpected twists and turns seems almost inexhaustible, so that at the end of this film one is left with the feeling of having binge-watched a multi-part series. JJ

Ivan-Goran Vitez
Lutvo Mekic
Frano Homen
Ivana Rogic
Mario Ivezic
Jelenko Hodak
Milivoj Beader, Zlatko Buric, Marko Buric, Filip Eldan, Frida Jaksic, Zeljko Königsknecht, Anita Matic Delic
Ivan Maloca, Maja Vukic
Inter Film 00385976799922 0038514667290
Ivan Maloca
Ivan-Goran Vitez

Ivan-Goran Vitez -

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