Sbogom, Djoni

Goodbye, Johnny

Konstantin Burov
Bulgaria, 2020, 88 Min

A toxic relationship. Twenty-seven-year-old Vasel can no longer get rid of Johnny, the man who saved his life. Initially a life-philosophy guru, he soon turns out to be a selfish psychopath. A psychological thriller both laconic and bizarre, narrated relentlessly and, at the same time, with a propensity for self-irony.

Filmtalk: GOODBYE, JOHNNY | English Q&A | FFC 2020

Young Vasel ends up in jail and is mistreated there by more seasoned inmates. Prison doctor Johnny encourages him to take bloody revenge. Subsequently, he protects Vasel from his fellow prisoners and the judiciary by convincing him to seek admission to a psychiatric ward. Back in freedom, this lifesaver never leaves his side. Gradually he develops a pathological obsession and wants Vasel all to himself. Johnny first destroys his relationship in order, once he turns his back on him, to be able to kill him. Later he challenges Vasel to kill his annoying mother. She however, in turn, takes it all in her stride since her son Johnny has always been a bit strange. Konstantin Burov combines elements of genre film with those of psychological thriller and horror. There is always a grotesque undertone that, amongst all the horror, nevertheless conjures up the occasional smile on the viewer's face. JJ

Marin Damyanov
Martin Dimitrov
Tsvetelina Tsvetkova
Stefan Chernev
Liliana Dancheva-Ivanova
Minko Lambov
Deyan Georgiev, Georgy Kermenski, Christiana Stoimenova, Todor Tanchev, Petya Silyanova
Dobromir Chochov
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Konstantin Burov

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