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Hutsulka Ksenya

Hutsulka Ksenya

Olena Demianenko
, 2019, 94 Min

A grotesque folk fantasy comedy from the western Ukrainian Carpathians. On his trip to the Ukraine a young American meets mythical female ghost figures, the love of his life and the popular avant-garde female pop band Dakh Daughters.

Yaro is supposed to inherit his late father's multi-million dollar holdings. Only if he marries a Ukrainian however; that's the condition. In search of a suitable woman he ends up in a Hutsul village, a minority that lives in the triangle between the Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia. This new-found happiness cannot last however, it is the 1930s after all; the Soviet Union's claim to power and the Second World War are already starting to cast shadows. The slightly weird and at times ironically kitschy adventure journey into the myths of the Carpathians is accompanied by the extraordinary performances of the Dakh Daughters, who mix traditional Ukrainian songs with rock, jazz and hip hop and turn them into something new in the process. JP, BB

Olena Demianenko
Dmitriy Yashenkov
Artem Mostovoy
Igor Rak
Yuriy Larionov
Yaroslav Barnych, Tymur Pokyanskyi, Dakh Daughters
Varvara Lushchik
Maksym Lozynskyi
Olivie Bonjour
Oleh Stefan
Ihor Ciszkewycz
Kate Molchanova
Olena Demianenko, Dmitriy Tomashpolskyi
Gagarin Media Film Company blvd.Shevchenko 46/21 0032 Kyiv
Gagarin Media Film Company
Philippe Louis Galliano
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. ABN: 36 527 281 680
Olena Demianenko

Olena Demianenko -

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