Dolina miru

The Valley of Peace

France Štiglic
Yugoslavia (Slovenia), 1956, 90 Min

Slovenia in World War II. In search of a peaceful retreat two children from what are, in fact, hostile camps and a US soldier meet. From now on they stand by one another. A moving anti-war film whose leading actor became the first African American actor to win the award for Best Actor in Cannes in 1957.

Filmtalk: THE VALLEY OF PEACE | English Q&A | FFC 2020

Young Lotti, a girl of German descent, and the Slovenian boy Marko, both orphans, flee the bombed-out city. The black US pilot Jim saves himself by parachute after his fighter plane was shot down. The three of them are looking for the mystical valley of peace, in which Marko's uncle supposedly leads a quiet life on an idyllic farm. All the while they are pursued by the SS and the German Wehrmacht. Leading actor John Kitzmiller himself participated in the liberation of Italy as a US soldier and did not return to his racially segregated homeland after the end of the war. In Italy his acting talents were discovered and he subsequently featured in works of neorealism. The Slovenian Film Center restored and digitised this film in 2016. In the same year it was screened once again at Cannes Classics. NaF

Ivan Ribič
Rudi Vaupotič
Matjan Meglič
Radojka Ivančević
Ivo Spinčič
Marijan Kozina
Tugo Štiglic, John Kitzmiller, Evelyne Wohlfeiler
Viba film
Slovenian Film Centre
Slovenian Film Centre
Nerina T. Kocjančič
France Štiglic

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