Hüvasti, NSVL

Goodbye Soviet Union

Lauri Randla
Estonia, Finland, 2020, 88 Min

From pioneer and punk: When, against orders Johannes goes swimming in the restricted military area, his family is forced to leave "Leningrad III" and faced with new challenges in this situation comedy à la “Goodbye Lenin” about an early youth lived out during the last years of the Soviet Union in Estonia.

Whilst Johannes grows up the Soviet Union falls apart. Though the rebelliousness of puberty  ferments inside him, outside the remnants of a state that insists on discipline remain, even though internally it has long since crumbled. The same rift runs through the family, separating the liberal mother from the grandmother who continues to place complete trust in the authoritarian state. An early youth shaped by the war in Afghanistan and radioactive contamination, glasnost and the Baltic independence movement, the August coup and Western gifts from Finland. Lauri Randla spent his childhood in the Estonian Soviet Republic before his family emigrated to Finland. This film draws on childhood memories, at once candy-coloured and bitter, even ironically distant, whilst paying homage to a long-lost homeland.

Lauri Randla
Elen Lotman E.S.C.
5.1 Digital
Leo Liesvirta, Andres Hallik
Lauri Randla
Niklas Kouzmitchev, Nika Savolainen, Ülle Kaljuste, Tõnu Oja, Pääru Oja, Jekaterina Novosjolova
Peeter Urbla
Exitfilm (Estonia), Bufo (Finland)
Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari
Peeter Urbla

Lauri Randla -

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