Po Tamburi

Tune Up

Stanislav Tomić
Croatia, Slovenia, 2020, 90 Min

Music is their life, or to be more precise Slavonian folklore is! The four men are passionate amateur musicians and pin all their hopes on the folklore competition “Po Tamburi”. It's soon called off however since the main prize, the "Golden Ham", has been stolen before it can even begin. Of all people it is the four musicians who come under suspicion.

They are nervous and suffer from stage fright. This is no big surprise given the very participation of their band “Aveti Ravnice” in the competition is a huge honour. Only the very best of Croatian folklore heroes come together here in Slavonia in eastern Croatia. Yet before they can start the first song these four “phantoms from the plains” find themselves on the run. A wild hunt through forests and villages begins, collateral damage is inevitable: well-behaved musicians turn into desperadoes, a luxurious Roma wedding disintegrates and glass shatters as the four heroes race ever faster into the night. TV star Branko Uvodić leads the chase. Born in Slavonia, he plays himself, having in real life gained popularity and recognition throughout the country thanks to his much-loved folklore music show “Lijepa naša” (“Our Beauty”, an allusion to the Croatian national anthem). A stirring road movie featuring a fast-paced Western-like atmosphere, bizarre folklore and exuberant slapstick.

Stanislav Tomić, Mario Marko Krce
Mario Marko Krce
Alan Douches
Tomislav Pavlic
Branimira Katić
Damir Martinović Mrle, Ivanka Mazurkijević, Ivica
Momčilo Otašević, Tijana Pečenčić, Stjepan Perić, Branko Uvodić0, Primož Petrovšek,Andrei Miercure, Hrvoje Barišić, Neven Aljinović Tot, Nikola Kojo
Ivan Katić
Krug Film, K12, Supermark
Ivan Katić

Stanislav Tomić -

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