SECTION: On the Occasion of DEFA's 75th Anniversary

Christa Wolf In Focus

DEFA was founded on May 17th 1946 in Potsdam-Babelsberg. In the course of its existence the studio produced around 700 feature films, 2,500 documentaries and short films as well as 950 animated films. We pay tribute to this anniversary by focusing on the works of Christa Wolf in a film programme that looks at three DEFA productions to which she contributed; these shed light not only on key moments from the history of DEFA, but also German history as a whole.

Firstly we present the once prohibited film MISS BUTTERFLY, here the 2019/20 reconstructed version of this wonderful everyday fairy tale, the script of which Wolf co-authored. DEVIDED HEAVEN, based on her novel of the same name, is considered a classic, dealing as it does with the personal upheavals experienced during the division of Germany. In TIME LOOPS – A CONVERSATION WITH CHRISTA WOLF the outstanding writer reflects on the recent Wende years and her own commitment to the internal democratisation of East German society. This DEFA homage is complemented by the premiere screening of WIR BLEIBEN TREU, a major international DEFA production that had, prior to this year's FFC, not yet been shown at a German film festival.

We would like to thank the DEFA Foundation for their kind support.

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