In the mid-19th century, the aspiring citizens of the City of Cottbus built themselves a citizens' casino, located between the city centre and the recently completed city's train station. In contrast to a gambling casino, this building was used for festive events of all kinds; the citizens could eat, drink and celebrate there and the ladies had available separate rooms for cultivated conversation and card games.
Over the course of World War I, the building was used as an emergency military hospital including a pharmacy, which, directly in front of the building, operated a kind of petrol station selling petrol, spirit and other flammable substances.
The Youth Clubhouse was established after World War II, a municipal building hosting dance events and all kinds of groups offering traditional artistic activities for youths. The travel agency of the Free German Youth (FDJ) likewise initially occupied rooms in the building before moving to a shack on the grounds behind it. From the 1970s onwards, discotheque as well as beat, rock and pop concerts dominated the Clubhouse's event programme; it continued to be operated by the city. On New Year's Eve 1989, the central coal heating system must have exploded, so that the building could no longer be heated and seemingly was doomed to fall into disrepair. Yet owing to the commitment of an employee in the city's cultural department new people were recruited, the roof was completely renewed, the building was connected to district heating and operations as the Youth Cultural Centre Glad-House, an owner-operated municipal enterprise of the City of Cottbus, were resumed in Spring 1990.Initial lasting restoration works in the late 1990s focused on the front part of the building and resulted in the Obenkino cinema finding a final home. However, it took another 10 years plus before the complete exterior of the building underwent restoration from 2010 onwards, followed by the restoration of the office wing, which, amongst other things, houses the P12 cultural workshop.
Accessibility, fire prevention and noise insulation, air conditioning, computer network, a modern catering kitchen, an attractive new inner courtyard and state-of-the-art event technology all have been installed over the past couple of years owing to the support from the EU, the Federal Government, the Federal State and the City and thus hopefully render the Glad-House fit for the coming years and decades.

Straße der Jugend 16
03046 Cottbus

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