FFC On Tour: Women's roles in socialism and afterwards

FFC On Tour: Women's roles in socialism and afterwards

An FFC Special goes on tour! The films of the series "Women's Roles in Socialism and After" will be shown in different cities during the weeks!

frauenrollen blindfold (c)Cotemporary Ukraininan Cinema

BLINDFOLD (Taras Dron, UA 2020)

Under socialism, the issue of equality was considered solved. Women in the GDR, Soviet Union and other Eastern bloc countries were encouraged to get an education and go to work. And this is where film came into play. The role model of an industrious female worker shone on screens and canvases. But what was behind it? And how has the image of women changed over time? This series explores the diverse kaleidoscope of women's roles after 1945 and their evolution to the present day. From the depths of GDR propaganda and the Czechoslovak New Wave to contemporary drama and playful animation, it's all here.

These are the venues:



More information about the films can be found here.

The series is curated by Jana Riemann and sponsored by Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur.

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