PICKASTORY - the audience award of the FFC

The audience, that is YOU, choose YOUR favorite film idea from loglines.
A logline describes a film in just one sentence. It is the "DNA" of a story. Join in and vote for your favorite!  Directors and screenwriters from all over Europe have submitted their loglines.

These are the loglines that have been finally selected and are up for voting:

George, single father of two rebellious teenagers, decides to do nothing for anyone else. What sounds like fun is harder than expected.

The keeper of a morgue is beset by ghosts. To get rid of them, he searches for their killers - but after each successfully completed search, a new ghost appears.

A sane average man wants to renew his driver's license. But in the grotesque chaos of a hospital, he loses his health, his identity, and ultimately his life.

When a group of Western European paragliders get stuck in an abandoned minefield in Bosnia, guilt, stupidity and death set in.

Trapped in his 300-kilogram body, "Teddy Bear" cannot move. As war destroys the world he is used to, he finds the strength to go outside.


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The*winner of PICKASTORY will receive expert feedback and advice from the experts of our co-production market connecting cottbus (coco) to develop the idea into a complete package (film story, production dossier) within the following year. In 2023, the winner can also present the film project at coco and has the opportunity to find producers for the film idea.

In the best case, vote for an upcoming feature film!

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