ILUZE / ILLUSION – If Life were a Computer Game

ILUZE / ILLUSION – If Life were a Computer Game

As part of the Powerful Voices online film program, the Czech Center Berlin in cooperation with the FilmFestival Cottbus will present the third of four films by Czech women documentary filmmakers this spring.


On April 5th, 2021, the third film in the series, Iluze / Illusion, can be streamed for free on the portal from 00:00 until 24:00. Just register briefly and you're ready to go.


Kateřina Turečková

CZ, 2018, 52 min 

Language version: Original with English subtitle


Kateřina Turečková's original documentary, conceived like a computer game, is a personal reportage about the director's one-year study visit in Budapest. The viewers are put in the position of players and go through this game on several levels, which lead them into everyday situations in contemporary Hungarian society: Sometimes they see the capital from a tourist perspective, but most of the time they are encouraged to take the subjective point of view of Hungarian citizens and reflect on issues such as freedom of art, right to education, medical care and the questionable political situation, in which the name of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appears again and again.

The film will be accompanied by a conversation in English with director Kateřina Turečková, moderated by Ivana Formanová (IDF).

More about the online film program Powerful Voices

The online film program Powerful Voices provides an insight into the current work of Czech women documentary filmmakers. Their range of topics is broad, they take up sociological and psychological questions, reflect social discourses in the Czech Republic and the world, and repeatedly touch on political issues, developing a strong signature of their own.

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