Reading tip: Ukraine on film

Reading tip: Ukraine on film

"The mixture of precise observation and poetic motifs and a tendency towards the grotesque makes Ukrainian cinema today as interesting as it is unpredictable." (Quote B.Buder)

Read more about the history of Ukrainian cinema now.

On the portal of the Federal Agency for Civic Education there is a NEW dossier on "Ukraine in Film" under the heading "Film Education". Programme director Bernd Buder has written a text for it on the history of Ukrainian cinema since 2014:

Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema and the Nation-Building Process from 2014.

Bernd Buder writes about the beginnings of cinema, the case of Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian productions at film festivals and positions on the Russian war of aggression.

"The artistic and thematic diversity with which Ukrainian filmmakers reflect on the history and society of their country from very different perspectives indicates how vital the Ukrainian film industry is today. Since the "Maidan" protests, the cinema of Europe's second largest country has developed into a self-confident, multi-voiced film landscape. It thus contributes to the discursive capacity in Ukraine's political culture and shows that it is impossible to imagine European film culture without it." (Quote B.Buder)

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