FFC im Stream: 8.-31. Dezember


Here you can view and download the FestivalMagazine!

Please note: The FestivalMagazine is only available in German.

Together with the FilmFestival Cottbus (FFC), Galerie Brandenburg has called on artists to interpret the FFC's prize sculpture - the Lubina (Sorbian: the lovely) - in their own artistic signature. The resulting works have been on display at Galerie Brandenburg at Großenhainer Bahnhof since 30 October 2020.

Further information about the art action #LubinaLove can be found HERE. (German)

HERE you can view and download the catalogue!

How much does a film in stream cost?

You can rent any of our films for 3,99 Euro.
But please note: There is only a limited contingent of tickets per film online. Make sure you get your favourites in time.


Which films can I watch in the stream?

You can find an overview HERE.


What does "limited contingent" mean?

As the capacity of seats is limited in the cinema, the number of accesses to each individual film in streaming is also limited. On average, we are only allowed to "rent" each film 250 times. That may sound like a lot, but it is not. That's why our streaming offer also includes: Make sure you book your desired films as soon as possible!


How long can I watch the film online?

Borrowed films can be watched as often as you like within the 24 hours after the first start. The film can be started again by entering the previously purchased ticket-ID.


Do I have to buy several tickets if I want to watch the film together with friends?

To support us financially, that would be nice for the FFC, but it is not necessary. You are also welcome to sit in front of the monitor as a couple or with friends and watch the film for a one-time fee of 3.99 Euro. But please: Only in a private setting and please keep your distance.


I do not live in Germany, can I see the FFC programme online?

Unfortunately not, we are only allowed to offer the films in Germany.


Are the films translated?

The FFC shows the films in the original version, so the films are NOT dubbed in German. Instead, German or English subtitles are available almost everywhere.

German productions are usually only available in German; series are only available with English subtitles.


How do I buy a streaming ticket?

  1. Select a film: Choose your desired film HERE (by clicking on the title you get to the film description)
  2. Buy a stream ticket: If your desired film is already available online, you will see an embedded player with the button "Ticket kaufen | 3,99 €” on the page with the film description. Please click on the button and follow the instructions. After successful payment (via Paypal or credit card) you will see a ticket-ID in the embedded player - please write it down, this is your access code to the stream! You will also receive the ticket-ID by e-mail. Now you can activate the stream for your desired film from 8-31 December 2020.
  3. Watch the film: From 8-31 December 2020 you can view the film of your choice for which you have already purchased a ticket-ID. Please go to the film description of your selected film again (e.g. by clicking HERE -> searching the title -> clicking on the title). Click on "Ich habe bereits eine Ticket-ID" in the embedded player, enter your ticket-ID and enjoy the best East European cinema in Germany! After you have entered your ticket-ID, your desired film is available to stream for 24 hours.


On which devices can I watch the films?

The films can be rented and viewed via your browser. Different browsers are supported on different devices. From Windows 8.1, Mac 10.9, Android with the browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


How does FFC-streaming partner Pantaflix (platform hosting our streaming) use my data?

As safe, fair and humane as possible. To be on the safe side, take a look at their privacy policy .
What is more important: Your personal user data information will NOT be passed on to third parties. Promised!


Can I watch any movie in HD?

Yes, but it depends on the film you want to see: If the content is provided in HD quality, it will also be available in HD for you. If the content is only available in SD, you can only watch it in this quality.


Which payment methods can be used to buy a ticket?

PayPal and credit cards are supported.


Can I delete my cookies while the movie is streaming?

Yes, but we don’t recommend this. Even though the movie will continue to play, all the interactions with the portal will end up in an error and you will have to verify yourself again via your ticket-ID.


How does the stream behave, if I have a bad internet connection?

We automatically adjust the quality of the movies to your internet connection and device performance. If you have a slow internet connection, it may happen that the movie does not play in the best possible quality.


Why is not the whole programme available online?

We have tried to make as many film titles as possible available online, but we also have understanding for film right holders who do not yet want to put their brand-new film online because they are still in negotiations with potential distributors. Therefore, the reasons are different. Some films already have a German distributor who will not release the films in cinemas until after our festival. For some films, especially classics, no digital formats or exploitation rights were available. And current TV productions are usually only available in the media library after the first TV broadcast.

As the Federal Government and the German States extended the measures aimed at combating the coronavirus pandemic on the 25.11.2020 and cinemas will also remain closed, therefore, the film screenings of the 30th FilmFestival Cottbus planned between the 8th and 13th December 2020 in the cinemas cannot take place. Nevertheless, from 8 to 31 December 2020, 150 films will be available as a nationwide streaming offer on the festival website.

The 30th FFC takes place in stream: 8-31 December

Streaming-Tickets (8.-31. Dezember)

Our streaming offer will be available from 8 till 31 December 2020. In principle you can buy streaming tickets for the entire period, but: even here the capacities are limited! We recommend: Buy now, activate and watch later!

You can find all information about our streaming and cinema tickets here.

Where can I buy a ticket for the FFC opening?

In view of the measures we have taken to contain the Covid-19-pandemic, it is with a heavy heart that we are giving up this year - after all, we are celebrating our 30th birthday! - at an opening gala. Instead, we are celebrating our opening on 8 December 2020 with a web show! You can watch it on our website or on our YouTube, Instagram or Facebook channel from 7 pm.


And what about the awards ceremony in the end?

Here too, unfortunately, we have to do without a presence event in order to protect everyone. After all, if the protagonists, the prize winners, cannot be present, an award ceremony is no fun. Instead, we announce the prize winners on Saturday evening in a short film. You can watch it on our website or on our YouTube, Instagram or Facebook channels from 8 pm.


The 30th FFC takes place in stream:

8 - 31 December

For the 30th FFC, we will offer more than half of the entire programme with German and English subtitles for streaming nationwide in Germany via the festival website. An overview of all films available in the stream can be found HERE.

Please note: The FFC streaming offer is also limited in capacity, just like in a real cinema! Make sure you secure your stream tickets in time!You can find all information about ticket purchase HERE.

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Find out more about the FFC anniversary programme in our festival magazine!

 Here you will find the digital edition.

Those who use our media partners are also well informed:

-    radioeins and

-    the Lausitzer Rundschau,  Südbrandenburger's favourite daily newspaper, will report daily from and about the FFC.

No! Since most festival films in Cottbus are even shown as premieres and have therefore not yet been tested by the FSK, it is only legally valid: All festival films are only suitable for an audience over 18! Look at your own risk!

The exceptions are of course the children's and youth films (sections Children's Film and U18 Youth Film Competition), which we have tested by the FSK and only show to a young audience which has reached the recommended age.

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