31. FFC #dual 

2.-7. November in den Cottbuser Kinos

2.-16. November im Stream (ausgewählte Filme)


Here you can view and download the FestivalMagazine!

Please note: The FestivalMagazine is only available in German.

Where will the films be shown?
The films will be shown at the Staatstheater Cottbus, Gladhouse, Weltspiegel Cottbus, Planetarium - Juri Gagarin, Altes Stadthaus, Kammerbühne and the Great Lecture Hall (Großer Hörsaal) of the BTU. Those who prefer to stay at home can also watch the films online via our streaming partner Pantaflix.

How do I get the latest information about the FFC?
You can get it here on the website of the FilmFestival Cottbus under „News“ and via our exclusive newsletter about the festival, for which you can register This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Registration for the business newsletter is only possible by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Follow our profiles:

-          Facebook
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-          LinkedIn
-          YouTube

Find out more about the FFC anniversary programme in our festival magazine (well add the link as soon as available)!

Those who use our media partners are also well informed:
-          radioeins and rbbkultur
-          the Lausitzer Rundschau, Südbrandenburger's favourite daily newspaper, will report daily from and about the FFC.

31st FFC - FestivalMagazine – Download
Here (well add the link as soon as available) you can view and download the FestivalMagazine!

Please note: The FestivalMagazine is only available in German.

Do the films have an FSK age rating?
No! Since most festival films in Cottbus are even shown as premieres and have therefore not yet been tested by the FSK, it is only legally valid: All festival films are only suitable for an audience over 18! Look at your own risk!

The exceptions are of course the children's and youth films (sections Children's Film and U18 Youth Film Competition), which we have tested by the FSK and only show to a young audience which has reached the recommended age.

Why is there no simultaneous translation of the films this year?
In weeks of meticulous work, clever minds have translated the English subtitles into German especially for the 31st FFC and then created German subtitles. So instead of simultaneous translation, we are offering German subtitles almost everywhere this year.

I like simultaneous translation more than reading subtitles. What is the problem?
Next year we will offer simultaneous translation again, promised. Provided, of course, that we have brought Covid-19 to its knees. Normally up to 2000 receivers and headphones provide their audio-service during a festival. For this purpose, a deposit is handed over and returned after the film. While receivers and headphones change the guests in each performance, the interpreters also change venues or booths after each film. Although the whole thing has been working wonderfully for years, it involves many interactions and contact surfaces. Deposit, receiver, headphones, interpreter's booth... and long queues at the distribution and return of the headphones. Everything would have to be done in compliance with distance regulations, with a minimal amount of contact and under constant disinfection - for the protection of guests and festival staff. This is simply not achievable. In order to make a pleasant and safe festival possible for guests, visitors, festival staff and other FFC-friends despite all the circumstances, simultaneous translation will therefore be dispensed with this year.

Will the filmmakers be coming to Cottbus for the FFC? Will there be film talks?
Yes, some will be there, but due to the Corona pandemic, the associated travel restrictions and quarantine measures, unfortunately not everyone will be able to join us. 

And in which language will the film talks be held?
This year we, unfortunately, do not have interpreters on site. If it is a German production or if the filmmaker speaks German, the moderated talks will be held in German. If the presenter speaks both German and the language of the filmmaker, he or she will translate into German for the audience. If the presenter does not speak the language of the filmmaker and the filmmaker does not speak German, the discussions will be held in English.

Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets are available this year at all reservix ticket shops and CottbusService! Due to the limited ticket capacity, please use the presale starting on October 18. Only as long as the offer is available (up to and including 27.10.2021).

How much do the tickets for the screenings in the cinemas cost? (2.-7. November)
All screenings
7,50 EUR / in presale, until including 01.11.2021: 6,00 EUR

5,00 EUR / redeinced (children including 12-year-olds): 3,00 EUR

Ticket for 5
30,00 EUR / Presale, until including 01.11.2021: 24,00 EUR

FestivalPass **
75,00 EUR / only in presale until including 27.10.2021

How much do the streaming tickets cost? (2.-16. November)
(Tickets for the stream will be available from 25.10.2021)

4,99 EUR per film (Soli-Ticket 6,99)

Online FestivalPass
44,90 EUR


Where can I buy a ticket for the FFC opening?
The opening ceremony this year will, unfortunately, be by invitation only, so tickets are not available.

And what about the awards ceremony in the end?
Again, an invitation is going to be required for participation. However, there will be a public "after-show party" afterwards. This will start at 9 pm at Scandale Le Locale Fatale. Entry will cost 10 EUR and 2G applies. 

How much does a film in stream cost?
You can rent any of our films for 3,99 Euro. But please note: There is only a limited contingent of tickets per film online. Make sure you get your favourites in time.

What is a Soli-Ticket?
With your Soli-Ticket, you support the FFC, which has lower income due to the Corona measures and the necessary restrictions. In this way, you help to secure the existence of the FFC in the coming years.

Which films can I watch in the stream?
You can find an overview HERE (well add the link as soon as available).

What does "limited contingent" mean?
As the capacity of seats is limited in the cinema, the number of accesses to each individual film in streaming is also limited. This can affect both the time of availability and the number of accesses. You will find information on this on the respective film page. Therefore, the same applies to our streaming offer: Secure your desired films as soon as possible!

How long can I watch the film online?
Borrowed films can be watched as often as you like within 24 hours after the first start. The film can be started again by entering the previously purchased ticket-ID.

Do I have to buy several tickets if I want to watch the film together with friends?

To support us financially, it would be nice for the FFC, but it is not necessary. You are also welcome to sit in front of the monitor as a couple or with friends and watch the film for a one-time fee of 3.99 Euro. But please: Only in a private setting and please keep your distance.

I do not live in Germany, can I see the FFC programme online?
Unfortunately not, we are only allowed to offer films in Germany.

Are the films translated?

The FFC shows the films in the original version, so the films are NOT dubbed in German. Instead, German or English subtitles are available almost everywhere.

German productions are usually only available in German; series is only available with English subtitles.

How do I buy a streaming ticket?
1. Select a film: Choose your desired film (by clicking on the title you get to the film description)
2. Buy a streaming ticket: If your desired film is already available online, you will see an embedded player with the button "Ticket kaufen | 6,00 €” on the page with the film description. Please click on the button and follow the instructions. After successful payment (via Paypal or credit card) you will see a ticket-ID in the embedded player - please write it down, this is your access code to the stream! You will also receive the ticket-ID by e-mail. Now you can activate the stream for your desired film from 2-16 November 2021.
3. Watch the film: During the period 2-16 November 2021, until 11:59 p.m., call up your favourite film here again for which you have already purchased a Ticket ID (by clicking on the film title). Click on " Ich habe bereits eine Ticket-ID" in the embedded player, enter your Ticket ID and enjoy the best Eastern European cinema anywhere in Germany! After you have entered your Ticket ID, your desired film will be available to you for 24 hours.


On which devices can I watch the films?
The films can be rented and viewed via your browser. Different browsers are supported on different devices. From Windows 8.1, Mac 10.9, Android with the browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The player does not work with Smart TV and Chrome Cast!

The cookie notice keeps popping up for me, even though I have already confirmed it. What can I do? If you should use Internet Explorer, you can switch off the cookie notice as follows:
Select the "Tools" button (top right, cogwheel symbol), go to "Security" and then select "Delete browsing history".Tick the "Cookies and website data" checkbox and then click "Delete". Alternatively, you may be able to use a different browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). Here, the cookie notice does not appear on the subpage.

How can I switch on subtitles?
Subtitles can be added via the toolbar in the player. Please note: the subtitles can only be switched on during the film.

My subtitles are too small. What can I do to change this?
The subtitles remain unreadably small if you first switch to full-screen mode and then activate the subtitles. Only if you switch back into the smaller screen view (and activating the subtitles again if necessary) and then go full-screen mode again, the subtitles will appear in a readable size.

My browser does not support the playback of DRM protected content. What can I do?
For the Firefox browser: You can change the setting in the browser so that content with DRM copy protection can be played. Simply set a check mark in "Settings" under "General" and "Content with DRM copy protection" so that the content can be played.

Google Chrome users can find instructions here on how to activate protected content.

How does FFC-streaming partner Pantaflix (platform hosting our streaming) use my data?
As safe, fair and humane as possible. To be on the safe side, take a look at their privacy policy. What is more important: Your personal user data information will NOT be passed on to third parties.  

Can I watch any movie in HD?

No, because it depends on the film you want to see: If the content is provided in HD quality, it will also be available in HD for you. If the content is only available in standard resolution (SD-format), you can only watch it in this quality.  

Which payment methods can be used to buy a ticket?

PayPal and credit cards are supported.

Can I delete my cookies while the movie is streaming?
Yes, but we don’t recommend this. Even though the movie will continue to play, all the interactions with the portal will end up in an error and you will have to verify yourself again via your ticket-ID.

How does the stream behave, if I have a bad internet connection?
We automatically adjust the quality of the movies to your internet connection and device performance. If you have a slow internet connection, it may happen that the movie does not play in the best possible quality.

Why is not the whole programme available online?

We have tried to make as many film titles as possible available online, but we also have an understanding for film rights holders who do not yet want to put their brand-new film online because they are still in negotiations with potential distributors. Therefore, the reasons are different. Some films already have a German distributor who will not release the films in cinemas until after our festival. For some films, especially classics, no digital formats or exploitation rights were available. And current TV productions are usually only available in the media library after the first TV broadcast.

The FFC takes place despite Corona. How does that fit together?
We have developed a hygiene concept for the 31st FFC, which is based on the official requirements and has been agreed with the responsible offices of the city of Cottbus. For the health of all of us and for the smooth running of our event, it is important that every visitor and every employee considers and adheres to our measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

What if I don't want to wear a mask when I enter a festival venue or sit with my friends and not in my assigned seat?

Then, unfortunately, you have to stay outside. Only if everyone sticks to the measures of the hygiene concept can we guarantee a smooth 31st FFC. Anyone who does not adhere to them even after being asked to do so by one of our staff members will be expelled from the house.

But then I'll get the money for my ticket back...
No. Already with the purchase of the ticket, we refer to our measures and our house rules in case of violation. In these cases, there will be no refund of the purchase price.

Why is there no simultaneous translation of the films this year?
Unfortunately, the distribution of headphones is also not possible due to hygiene measures and distance rules to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the movies will have German subtitles, only some of the English.

How does the FFC organise the contact follow-up for each event?
Before attending FFC events, all visitors must enter their contact details in a form that is available HERE (only in German) and drop it in a box at the venue. Please do this for each screening you visit.

What happens to my contact information?

Of course, we stick to the requirements of the data security protection regulation (DSGVO). The contact forms are kept sealed for four weeks and then they are destroyed in accordance with DSGVO.

What happens in addition to the film programme?

In close cooperation with local organizers, restaurateurs, club operators, brawlers and pranksters we are planning an extensive supporting programme which will be published promptly. Cottbus also has a lot to offer apart from the FilmFestival. Our recommendations: a long walk in the Branitzer Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Germany or a visit of the historical Old Town with the Altmarkt and the Spremberger Turm. Many of our employees live in Cottbus and will certainly be happy to give you their "insider tips". Just ask!


How do I get to Cottbus?

from Berlin:
Schönefeld Airport
Berlin Schönefeld railway station is just a few metres from the airport. From here, the best direction is Berlin Hauptbahnhof, from where trains run to Cottbus at regular intervals. From Berlin Schönefeld there are further connections via Königs Wusterhausen.

Airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER)
There is a train station under Willi-Brandt-Platz (near Terminal 1-2), from where it is best to take a train to Ostkreuz station. From there, trains run to Cottbus at regular intervals.

For railway connections: www.bahn.de
For urban traffic connections: www.bvg.de

from Dresden:
The S-Bahn line S2 connects Dresden Airport with the major stations Dresden-Neustadt and Dresden-Hauptbahnhof. Dresden Airport train station is located in the basement of the terminal building. From Dresden main station you have a direct connection to Cottbus. For urban traffic connections: www.dvb.de

from Leipzig:
The airport railway station is located directly at Leipzig Halle Airport. From here, take the train to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof. There you have a connection for the further journey to Cottbus. For urban traffic connections: www.lvb.de


By foot:
From the station building, Bahnhofstraße leads over Bahnhofsberg to the north into the city centre. At Berliner Straße turn right to Berliner Platz. There is the town hall with the guest centre.

By public transport:
Tram 2/3/4  to the stop Stadthalle.
For further information: www.vbb.de


Where can I spend the night?

We gladly recommend our partner hotels to festival guests - the "Lindner Congress Hotel Cottbus" in the direct vicinity of the festival centre and the "Sorat Hotel Cottbus", which is also within walking distance of the festival centre and all venues. Directly to the room search/reservations here.

Our recommendations at a glance:


Berliner Platz / 03046 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 36 60
FAX: +49 (355) 36 69 99
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comfortable hotel in a modern building complex
Location: directly in the city, directly next to the festival centre with guest and press centre and main festival venue. Only a few minutes walk from the other festival venues and festival clubs.


Schloßkirchplatz 20 / 3046 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 78 44 0
FAX: +49 (355) 78 44 24 4
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hotel in a historical building from the Wilhelminian period.
Location: directly in the city, only a few minutes walk from festival venues and festival club.


Vetschauer Straße 12 / 03048 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 47 61 0

Location: opposite the main station, a few minutes walk to the city centre, next to the Fürst-Pückler-Passage


Drachhausener Straße 70 / 03044 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 87 64 0
FAX: +49 (355) 87 64 100
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The city hotel in the countryside.
Location: in the midst of pine forests and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close to the centre, combines sophisticated cosiness, personal service and regional charm.


Bahnhofstraße 57 / 03046 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 49 43 80
FAX: +49 (355) 49 43 84 00

A Family led hotel. All rooms are individually and tastefully furnished.
Location: Hotel near the Cottbus State Theatre, only a few minutes' walk from festival venues and festival clubs.


Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 10 / 03046 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 38 00 49 0
FAX: +49 (355) 31 00 7
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A City hotel in a quiet side street in the centre of Cottbus.
Location: directly in the city, only a few minutes walk from festival venues and festival club.


Taubenstraße 7 / 03046 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 38 18 80 1
FAX: +49 (355) 79 65 77
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Small hotel in the city centre.
Location: directly in the city, only a few minutes walk from festival venues and festival club.


Karlsstraße 22a / 03044 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 79 12 29
FAX: +49 (355) 79 12 29

Inexpensive, family-run pension.
Location: close to the centre, festival venues and festival club are within walking distance.


Ströbitzer Weg 2 / 03046 Cottbus
FON: +49 (355) 79 53 27
FON: +49 (355) 79 33 10
FAX: +49 (355) 70 33 67
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Renovated town villa.
Location: relatively central, festival venues and festival club within walking distance.

Das 31. FilmFestival Cottbus unterliegt der 3G-Regelung.

Füllt pro Publikumsveranstaltung & Person einen Datenbogen aus und gebt diesen am Einlass ab. Die Datenbögen findet Ihr auch auf der FFC-Website zum Download und an jedem Veranstaltungsort. Weitere Informationen zu unseren Corona-Regeln gibt es hier.

Personen mit Atemwegssymptomen (sofern nicht mit schriftl. ärztlichem Attest nachgewiesene z.B. Erkältung) dürfen die Veranstaltung nicht besuchen.
Personen, die nicht bereit sind, sich an die Regelungen zu halten, kann im Rahmen des Hausrechts der Zutritt verweigert werden.
Bitte informiert Euch tagesaktuell vor dem Kinobesuch über die zu diesem Zeitpunkt geltenden Regeln.

The FilmFestival Cottbus is subject to the 3G regulation.

Fill out one data sheet per audience event & person and hand it in at the entrance. The data sheets can also be found on the FFC website for download and at each venue. For more information on our Corona Rules, click here.

Persons with respiratory symptoms (unless proven by a written medical certificate, e.g. a cold) are not permitted to attend the event. Persons who are not willing to comply with the regulations may be refused entry within the framework of the house rules. Please check the rules in force at the time of your visit to the cinema.

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