Section: POLSKIE HORYZONTY: The Female Gaze

Ya I Mariupol

Me and Mariupol

Piotr Armianovski
Ukraine, 2017, 10 Min

A nostalgic documentary tribute to the Ukrainian coastal town of Mariupol: is it possible to blend out the reality of war with the help of dreams and fairy-tales? This reflection on past and present, war and peace and the value of parallel intellectual words attempts to find an answer.


"Camus is bullshit, Nietzsche is cool. You're all going to die'' states graffiti by Mariupol beach, in an accurate reflection of the fatalistic atmosphere that has gripped the city. Author Piotr Armianovski reminisces about times gone by when he swam and went sailing in Mariupol. Back then the city by the Sea of the Azov struck the youngster from the industrial city of Donetsk as a fabulous place. Now he hopes that fables, fairy-tales and dreams can help him return meaning to a city beset by war for four years now. In illustrating his work with private archive images and canvassing public opinion on aspirations locals hold for the future of the city, Armianovski interweaves his requiem to a city with personal memories, harsh realities and the depths of the sea, which he plunges in search of further dreams. KT

DCP | Doc. | Farbe / colour
Piotr Armianovski
Andriy Borisenko
Piotr Armianovski, Mykola Dondiuk
Nadia Parfan
86 Festival of Film and Urbanism
Nadia Parfan
36 Olehivska, office 410
04071 Kyiv
+ 43
Piotr Armianovski

Piotr Armianovski - born in 1985, Donetsk, Ukraine. He is a performer and director and started to work artisticly at the Donetsk theatre “Zhuki”. Later he studied and performed in Kiev, Lviv and Moscow in plays like “School of Performance” by Janusz Baldyga and “Artist is present” by Marina Abramovic.

MYASOKOMBINAT (2012-2013, short, doc)
NA SKHODY (2015, short, doc)
VYBORY KOTORYKH NEBYLO (2017, short doc)

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