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Vlci na hranicích

Wolves at the Borders

Martin Páv
Czech Republic, 2020, 78 Min

The wolf polarises. The positions are hardening in a small Czech village: the mayor, who wants to be re-elected. A young organic farmer trying to live an utopia. An agriculturist who fear for his animals. An environmentalist, who tirelessly researches and educates. A gripping micro-study about a divided society.

This documentary follows its subject in a calm, low-key manner, comes close to them in everyday life and elucidates the motives for their actions. Some are looking for a life in harmony with nature and see the benefits for the ecosystem should the wolves return. The others see their life's work endangered, feel threatened and both permanently ignored and misunderstood by "those in Prague". The local council is under pressure to mediate. At first arguments are exchanged, yet the tone soon becomes coarser, at a certain point aggressive and ultimately irreconcilable. A gap opens up that is not adequately described by the terms urban and rural. Conspiracy theories make the rounds, people resort to comparisons with Nazi methods. The whole thing looks familiar. And thus it's no surprise that the wolf, also in recurring mystical observations of nature, remains elusive in the end. GL

Martin Pav, Adela Kabelkova
Petr Racek
Adam Blaha
Matej Beran
Jiri Trtik
Zuzanna Kučerová
Frame Films s.r.o. Nad Bílými vršky 959 27204 Kladno
Czech Television
Zuzanna Kučerová
Martin Páv

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