Section: Von Frust und Freiheit



Michael Schwarz
Germany, 2011, 15 Min

Villages are shrinking, dying out or disappearing for a number of reasons. Often both jobs and a decent infrastructure are lacking. Kursdorf has both in abundance. This is precisely why the village in northern Saxony is dying out. A gentle exploration of the loudest village in Germany.

260 inhabitants once lived here, today only 30 of them remain. Located in the immediate vicinity of Leipzig Airport, on the Intercity Express route and close to the motorway. During GDR times the residents could take a shortcut to the lake via the rarely used runway, today that is unthinkable. Dirt and, above all, noise are omnipresent. Kursdorf is dependent on the airport and yet suffers from it even more so. The village will soon be gone yet, for the moment, the local residents are clinging on to what remains. DD

Mcihael Schwarz
Alexander Griesser
Michael Schwarz
Michèl Hammann
Sybille Baude, Andreas Bergemann, Gunter Beyer, Henry Fiß, Thomas Knauf, Uwe Schuhart
Alexander Griesser, Michael Schwarz
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Michael Schwarz

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