SECTION: It's all go in the East

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary since the dissolution of the Soviet Union the FFC places this event in a broader context with the help of the ten films featured in the series IT‘S ALL GO IN THE EAST. The focus is on Poland, Russia, (East) Germany and the Ukraine - and thus also the social movements that emerged during the political changes of the time: Solidarnosc, perestroika, the Wende in Germany and the Orange Revolution.

The protagonists of the films embody epochs of historical change and yet always remain personable and approachable. Through their eyes we look at the upheavals that took place in the above-mentioned countries: Indeed, the social, economic and political changes that occurred can be retraced in the protagonists' worlds.

Though the cinematic means employed by the films may be varied, the featured individual films are no less interesting when seen as contributions to a larger overall picture. The different cinematic narratives provide insight into the developments of the past 30 years. They invite audiences to explore the past and to compare the featured narratives with what they themselves have experienced, with their own past and formative memories.

The series was curated by Bernd Buder and Denis Demmerle.IT'S ALL GO IN THE EAST is supported by the Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur.

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